#MCIINT: How Much Winner Between Manchester City Vs Inter Milan 2023 Champions League Final Clash Will Get

#MCIINT: How Much Winner Between Manchester City Vs Inter Milan 2023 Champions League Final Clash Will Get—The lucrative benefits of the Champions League constitute a significant component of the annual strategies of the most prominent teams across the globe.

With a mere qualification to the group stage of Europe’s top-tier club competition, a team can rake in millions, thereby potentially altering the fate of smaller clubs in a jiffy.

The ultimate reward distributed hinges on the number of victories a team secures and the extent of their advancement in the competition. The ultimate allocation of funds is contingent upon the actual amount of money that UEFA receives.

Inquiring about the prize money for the upcoming 2022-23 competition, one wonders what the victorious finalists, Manchester City and Inter, will take home. GOAL delivers comprehensive coverage of all the latest news and updates you need to stay informed.

The Champions League final victory comes with a hefty €20 million (£17m/$22m) prize, while the second-place finisher takes home €15.5 million (£13m/$17m).

The ultimate cash prize bestowed upon the victor pales in comparison to the cumulative rewards earned per round based on their performance.

According to the latest statistics, a solitary triumph in the group phase carries a value of €2.8 million (£2.4m/$3m), while a tie is worth €930,000 (£783k/$1m).

In the event that a team competes from the group stage and emerges victorious in every match of the group stage, subsequently clinching the championship title, they shall be entitled to a grand sum of €69.8 million (£59m/$77m).

In addition to the prestige of competing in the grandest of continental competitions, there is also the matter of TV revenue to consider.

The impressive pot of €303.3 million (£261.32m/$324.87m) is up for grabs, with the spoils being divided amongst the teams based on their proportional market value and past performances.

With the addition of earnings to the victorious team’s winnings, their total revenue surges past €85 million (£72m/$94m).

The triumphant teams of the esteemed Champions League, in addition to the conquerors of the Europa League, clinch a coveted berth in the highly anticipated UEFA Super Cup ultimate.

The coveted contest offers a staggering €3.5 million (£3m/$4m) for qualification, with an additional €1 million (£842k/$1.1m) prize for the triumphant team

Winner€20 million
Runner-up€15.5 million
Semi-finalist€12.5 million
Quarter-finalist€10.6 million
Last 16€9.6 million
Group-stage win€2.8 million
Group-stage draw€930,000
Qualifying for group stage€15.64 million
Third qualifying round€500,000
Second qualifying round€400,000
First qualifying round€300,000

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