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Meet Dr Christopher Otiko, the Nigerian who created the world’s most potent drug for diabetes  

Article Summary 

  • Dr Christopher Otiko is a Nigerian-American Podiatric specialist, inventor, entrepreneur and author who many regards as the king of podiatric medicine.
  • He was concerned with diabetic patients not properly caring for themselves, leading to amputations.  
  • This led to his invention of the world’s most potent drug for the treatment of diabetes. 

As a passionate medical professional, Dr Otiko poured his heart and soul into creating Vitastem, a revolutionary drug that held the power to transform the lives of diabetic patients. But alas, not everyone initially shared his enthusiasm. 

One time at a prestigious doctors’ conference, a colleague had the audacity to doubt Dr Otiko’s innovation. The doubting Thomas had accused him of photoshopping the images showing the impressive results of Vitastem.  

Naturally, Dr Otiko was devastated by that experience. How on earth could he convince anyone of the true potency of his groundbreaking creation? But nevertheless, this Nigerian-American medical hero wasn’t one to back down easily. Instead, he recentlessly pursued his research, his goal set on achieving a medical breakthrough.

He knew that actions spoke louder than words. And so, he patiently awaited the arrival of actual testimonials from those whose lives had been transformed by Vitastem. 

Sure enough, the floodgates opened, and the stories poured in. Testimonial after testimonial attesting to the incredible potency of the drug. The doubting colleague had no choice but to eat humble pie and extend a long-overdue apology to Dr Otiko.  

With that, the doctor’s star began to rise, and he basked in the glory of being hailed as the Podiatric Specialist who invented the most potent drug for diabetic wounds. 

Predestined journey 

Dr Otiko’s journey in the medical field seemed almost predestined. Even as a mere sprout of a human being, at the tender age of five, he requested a doctor’s kit for his birthday. Only future medical prodigies do this. 

Delving into his early background Dr Christopher Otiko hails from Nigerian but embarked on an adventure that took him across the globe. Settling in England at a young age, he found solace in the world of football.  

But alas, too much passion for the sport led to numerous foot injuries, sparking a realization within young Otiko. The seed of becoming a foot and ankle specialist was planted, and it grew into a deep-rooted ambition. 

But that was not all that drove our hero. He was also deeply concerned about the neglectful wound care habits of diabetics, which often led to tragic amputations.  

During his medical training in the United States, his focus turned towards those living with diabetes, and he became determined to make a difference in their lives. 

With a Master of Science degree in Biochemistry and a wealth of clinical experience as a Diabetic Foot Specialist, Dr Otiko found himself venturing into the realm of entrepreneurship.  

Otiko had accomplished what many thought impossible but his passion and drive didn’t end there. Dr Otiko’s entrepreneurial spirit led him to venture into other areas of the healthcare industry.  

Alongside his medical practice, he owned a medical equipment company and co-founded a Wound Care Management company.  

This ingenious venture brought the power of Artificial Intelligence to the forefront of wound care, revolutionizing treatment outcomes and offering new hope to countless patients. He was unstoppable! 

His Entrepreneurial Spirit 

After eight long years of trials, errors, and unwavering determination, the day finally came. Vitastem, the FDA-registered drug, made its grand entrance into the United States market in 2008, marking a turning point in the world of diabetes treatment, With this accomplishment, the doctor made his mark in the pharmaceutical industry. 

Vitastem is a topical antibiotic in a 55ml spray bottle, which kills all harmful Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria. It is also effective in treating various skin conditions other than diabetic wounds such as bacterial infections associated with eczema, psoriasis, acne, cuts, etc. 

Dr Otiko’s unwavering belief in his creation led to the formation of ViaDerma Incorporated, a publicly traded company where he proudly assumed the role of MD/CEO.  

Vitastem had gained the coveted approval and recognition of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), establishing itself as a potent drug for diabetes treatment.  

Finally, there was hope to prevent the devastating consequences of this chronic condition, such as amputation. 

With over two decades of experience as a podiatry specialist, he has been a force to be reckoned with in the medical field. But Dr Otiko’s ambitions extended far beyond his practice.  

He possessed an unyielding entrepreneurial spirit that led him to own multiple businesses in the healthcare industry. 

Focus on his philanthropy

Driven by a deep sense of purpose, Dr Otiko was not content with keeping his knowledge and skills confined to the United States. Despite leaving Nigeria behind over three decades ago, he felt a burning desire to give back to his countrymen.  

With this in mind, he embarked on a mission to register Vitastem with the National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) in Nigeria.  

As it is, an office has already been established in Ibadan, where diabetic patients with foot wounds could receive the treatment they so desperately needed.  

Dr Otiko, therefore, extended a helping hand to his fellow Nigerians, ensuring that no one would suffer needlessly. 

Beyond his professional achievements, Dr Otiko has a flair for writing and a love for comedy. He channelled these passions into authoring a book titled ‘Lost in U.S.A.,’ capturing the memories of his early days in a foreign land.  

It was his way of preserving those cherished moments and sharing his unique perspective with the world. 

His true calling lies in the relentless pursuit of relieving pain and restoring lives. For him, the measure of success is not wealth or fame, but the number of lives he can touch and the difference he can make.  

He is dedicated to treating as many people as possible, providing solace and helping them regain their freedom from suffering. He currently lives with his family and practices at Vanessa Home Health Services in Woodland Hills, California, United States. 

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