“Mercy Johnson is my biological sister” – Ghanaian lady cries out with evidence (Video)

A Ghanaian lady who claims to be the biological sister of Nollywood actress Mercy Johnson has taken to the internet to seek assistance in locating her.

In a viral video, the lady confidently asserts that she is Mercy Johnson’s fourth sister from a different father.

The lady and her mother were featured on a platform where she expressed her distress in her native language, which was translated by the anchor.

According to the anchor’s explanation, the family is desperately searching for Mercy Johnson and Daniel Johnson, as they have lost touch with them for a while.

Appealing directly to Mercy Johnson, the family implored her to reach out and restore their broken connection.

To corroborate her claim that she’s indeed Mercy Johnson’s sister, the lady presented alleged photos from their childhood.

Watch video below,

In other news, a viral video has captured the touching moment a Nigerian mother broke down in tears as her daughter prepared to leave the house for Sokoto state, where she was posted for National Youth Service.

In the video, the mother is seen weeping profusely, unable to hold back her tears, as her daughter bids her farewell and gets ready to leave for her new state of residence for the next one year.

The daughter tries to pacify her mother, assuring her that she will only be gone for a year, but the mother remains inconsolable.

The daughter even jokes that she will not get married to any Alhaji in Sokoto state, but her mother won’t stop crying.

The video has since gone viral after it was shared online and has elicited emotional reactions from social media users.

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