Never Have I Ever heartthrob received 'death threats' for one of his more divisive roles

Is Michael Cimino gay, what is his height, and what movies has the Never Have I Ever season 4 actor starred in? HITC investigates.

Fans of Never Have I Ever will be thrilled to finally reunite with Maitreyi Ramakrishnan‘s Devi courtesy of season 4, which dropped on Thursday, June 8th 2023.

Created by Mindy Kaling and Lang Fisher, the American teen comedy-drama is one of the most acclaimed and cherished Netflix originals, telling the story of a high school girl navigating everything from relationships to family.

It’s a true gem of the coming-of-age genre, with the latest and final season really spicing things up with the addition of Michael Cimino as Ethan, a new student who Devi strikes up a romance with.

Audiences will undoubtedly wish to learn more about the star: is Michael Cimino gay, what’s his height and what movies has he been in?

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Is Michael Cimino gay?

Michael Cimino identifies as straight, although he has previously played gay characters, with the titular character of the TV series Love, Victor as an example.

He was interviewed by Attitude about his Love, Victor role and opened up about his experiences in its wake:

“I’ve definitely had some criticism from the LGBT community for being in the role… I’ve had death threats, which is horrible. But the show is important to me. The messages of hate — I came into it knowing that would happen, regardless of how good I was.”

He added: “But there are some straight actors who play gay characters, who are all about supporting LGBT rights while they’re promoting their project, but once they’re done, a year later, it’s kind of forgotten.”

The 23-year-old American actor argued “That’s not how [to] be an ally, that’s not how you support LGBT rights. If you’re not an actual ally, then what are you doing?”

Never Have I Ever star Michael Cimino’s height

Michael is 5ft 9 (175.3 cm).

Understandably, you’ll wish to know how tall his Never Have I Ever co-star Maitrey is; she’s 5ft 6.

As for Devi’s love interest Ben (played by Jaren Lewison), he’s 5ft 7.

(L to R) Maitreyi Ramakrishnan as Devi sitting in the lap of Michael Cimino as Ethan on red sofa in episode 404 of Never Have I Ever.
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Michael Cimino movies

Most recently, Michael starred in the 2023 movie Centurion XII (Miguel), which focuses on a college student whose health conditions may prevent her from achieving her dreams as a horse rider; it stars the likes of Billy Zane and Amber Midthunder.

Before that, however, Michael showcased his talents in the 2022 Netflix movie Senior Year (Lance). The teen comedy finds a 37-year-old (played by Rebel Wilson) waking up from a 20-year coma and going back to school with the aim of becoming prom queen.

For all of you horror fans, you can also catch Michael in the role of Bob Palmeri in 2019’s Annabelle Comes Home, the third installment in the Annabelle series, which itself is part of the wider The Conjuring franchise.

Additionally, he was in 2021’s Heartlight directed by Frank Parrillo and Kill The King (Young Teijo). Shifting our attention back to TV, he played Swish in Hulu‘s How I Met Your Father.

Check out his music too

Not only is Michael a talented actor but he’s a musician as well.

You can find him under Michael Cimino on Spotify. He currently has 39k monthly listeners and his debut 2022 EP I’m Somewhere Out There is available, along with such singles as Stole Me, MAKE ME WANNA DANCE, THE LOVE WAS REAL, Stay The Night, Cigarettes And Incense, Little Blue Car, and Love Addict.

His most popular track is Stay The Night, which boasts 936k listens.

Never Have I Ever is streaming exclusively on Netflix.

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