New McDonald's breakfast item with scrambled egg excites people in the US

People in the US were excited when a McDonald’s advert appeared on Facebook for a new Scrambled Egg Sandwich – but we have some bad news.

It’s part of the breakfast menu, which is currently served until 10:30am or 11am in America depending on the location.

McMuffins are the most popular item, which contain variations of sausage, egg, bacon and cheese inside a soft bread roll.

Other options include McGriddles, Hotcakes, Breakfast Burritos and Breakfast Bagels, most of which are served with a yummy hash brown.

A Scrambled Egg Sandwich would make a great addition to the menu, but sadly, it’s not coming to McDonald’s in the United States…

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Scrambled Egg Sandwich advert appears

The Facebook advert was shared by the official McDonald’s page on Thursday (June 8) and shows the yummy menu item.

It’s a soft McDonald’s burger-style bun with fluffy scrambled egg and melted cheese inside, but it’s sadly not coming to the US.

The breakfast option is returning to menus in Malaysia and Indonesia and the commercial was shown to those in the US by mistake.

However, many were fooled by the post. One person commented: “That looks so good I hope it’s going to be here in Texas.”

“Love their breakfast already but looks like this is going to be my new fav,” said another excited fast food customer.

The Scrambled Egg Sandwich first arrived on Asian McDonald’s menus in 2019 with various options, including one with sausage.

This isn’t the first time it’s happened

Asia’s McDonald’s adverts keep on appearing on people’s Facebook profiles in America and it’s getting really annoying.

In May, adverts kept showing an interesting dessert called a Sea Salt McFlurry, exciting people across the United States.

People couldn’t wait to get their hands on the ice cream, which contains a blue salty sauce and purple crunchy salt pieces.

They are swirled through the vanilla soft serve to create an epic galaxy design, but it was only available in Asia again.

US McDonald’s customers have missed out on the Confetti Cookie Dough McFlurry too which arrived in Canada last month.

McDonald's All Day Breakfast At the 58th Annual Grammy Awards
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People are getting annoyed

While many are still being fooled by the Malaysian McDonald’s adverts, others are starting to get really annoyed.

One person wrote on Facebook: “Literally why show ads from a whole different country? Like don’t y’all have my location?”

“Why do I keep getting ads for Malaysian McDonald’s?” said another, while a third added: “I’m guessing this isn’t intended for the US market.”

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