Nigerian man narrates how he stopped giving his neighbours a lift after they refused to contribute for petrol amid subsidy removal

A Nigerian man has shared his experience with his neighbors who refused to contribute money for petrol, despite the recent increase in fuel price.

@Kelz_Realist, in a series of tweets, said he lives in Mowe, a border community between Ogun and Lagos state and works in Ikeja, Lagos state. He said his neighbors also work in Ikeja so he gives them a lift to and from work daily to ease their movement.

However, in light of the recent increase in petrol pump price due to the removal of fuel subsidy, he suggested that his neighbors start paying a token to relieve his financial burden, but they declined.

This didn’t sit well with him as he believed they were taking advantage of him, so he decided to stop giving them a lift. According to him, they eventually came begging after paying heavily on public transportation but he had already found a new group of passengers.

Read his full tweet below,

“I usually give some of my neighbours free ride from Mowe to Berger to and fro work.

I work at Bank Anthony way Ikeja and some of them work at computer Village, Allen and Opebi.

For the past eight months, I’ve been giving them free ride daily without collecting a dime from them.

When my former car broke down, they didn’t contribute a dime to help me fix it. I fixed it myself, got frustrated and sold it and bought a new car. That period, they find their way themselves

Immediately they saw I’ve bought another car, thru came back for their free ride again.

When Subsidy was removed, I have them a free ride for two days coz I still had fuel which I bought with the old price.

The day I filled up my tank, I cried coz it drained me.

I had to tell them that going forward, they’d need to start paying for the ride to and fro.

Two of the ladies said they can’t because we are neighbours and it doesn’t make sense for them to be paying for ride…

The guys said they’d pay N500 daily from Mowe to Berger.

I told them no problem.

The following day, I left very early without waiting for them

I picked 6 passengers going to Berger for N500 each. They were all excited and were praying for me coz I charged them very low. They said Mowe to Berger is now N700/N800.

When they realise I was going to Ikeja, they added extra N200 and collected my number so I can be picking them daily.

Yesterday, my neighbours gathered at my house to negotiate with me. I told them I’ve gotten new customers I now carry to and fro work daily.

On each person now, I make N1400 x 6 = N8400. This has covered my fuel to work daily plus small money for breakfast.”

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