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Off Inn Quest Guide

The Legend Of Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom offers a massive open world for players to explore, filled with tons of side quests to help the people of Hyrule. Completing side quests are easy ways to help players see more of the world, find new items, or reward them with new recipes or potion ideas.

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When you arrive at Kakariko village and try to stay at the lodge, you will first pay the exorbitant sum of 10,000 rupees. You will quickly be told this is a joke and the actual innkeeper is away and has not returned yet. Link will then be tasked with finding the innkeeper to take them back to their station.

Find the Inn Keeper

The only hint you’ll get to find the innkeeper is that they were making drilling beds Teams investigate ringed ruins located across the city. There are several higher areas with tents, and you’ll need to check out each of them to find where the innkeeper is. You must Climb different stair systems or climb actual mountains around the city to locate the excavation teams.

For those looking for a more direct route, the innkeeper was found sleeping on a stone slab in the Coordinates 1739, -0901, 0199. To access them, you will need to Head to the Ring Ruins entrance (and can be accessed before starting the quest for Ring Ruins), which are located during most of the game, and Climb the mountain to the left side of the door. Keep climbing and go up the wooden platforms to find where the innkeeper is sleeping, and he needs to be woken up.

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Wake up the innkeeper

The innkeeper will be found in a sound sleep, muttering Hearty truffles, which happen to be the only thing that can wake them up. If you have hearty truffles in your inventory, Simply toss or place a hearty truffle near the sleeping innkeeper to allow the scent to wake them up. After the innkeeper wakes up, return to the inn to complete the task.

The location of the hearty truffle and its location on the map

For those who need hearty truffles, they are found Near cave entrances in several major areas throughout the game. One of the caves that provides Herty an easy truffle to use in this quest is in the northwest part of the map, Near the summit of West Habra, coordinates -4041, 2670, 0024. This cave is located in the southern section of the secret hot spring, and there is a Hearty Truffle on the left side near the entrance to the cave.

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