RACI trains teachers on emergency response techniques, donates first aid kits to schools

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No fewer than 40 teachers and 60 students across 20 schools have been trained on basic first aid skills by the Rescue A Child Initiative, RACI, in partnership with Halespace Ng, in Ipokia Local Government, Ogun State, recently.

The initiative was founded by three Teach for Nigeria Fellows, Ahmed Iyanda, Ajayi Victor, and Fatai Salaudeen, who joined hands to organize specialized training sessions in Ipokia Local Government, Ogun State.

The comprehensive training equipped teachers and students with essential skills to effectively handle emergency situations and manage disasters on school premises.

Speaking at the grand finale, Ahmed Iyanda in his opening remarks highlighted the reason for launching the Initiative, adding that the training sessions, held over a span of several days, provided participants with practical knowledge on a wide range of emergency scenarios, including natural disasters, accidents, cardiopulmonary resuscitation(CPR), and health-related incidents.

The experienced trainers from Federal Road Safety Corps, Idiroko Command and Nurses from General Hospital Idiroko shared valuable insights and best practices, emphasizing the importance of quick and efficient response in critical situations.

Ahmed said, “In Ipokia Local government, we observed that the majority of the schools do not have first-aid boxes and insufficient training for teachers and management to address student health needs. This indicates that teachers in public schools face difficulties meeting the medical needs of children when they fall ill, even before they can be taken to a hospital for further treatment. Malnutrition-related illnesses prevent students from attending school, with approximately 2-3 pupils being sent home due to sickness and 5–10 pupils absent daily due to health issues. This situation negatively impacts the well-being of learners and hinders their learning in the classroom.”

“The Rescue A Child Initiative aims to organize health education and first aid training for public school teachers, parents, and students in order to equip them with the right knowledge on how to handle, manage, and provide support to children when they are injured or sick in the school. The project intends to create a safe learning environment in schools and equipping the teachers with first aid skills and materials such as first aid boxes and first aid manuals.”

As part of their commitment to promoting a safe learning environment, Rescue A Child Initiative generously donated first aid kits to the participating schools.

Ajayi Victor, Co-Founder, RACI, said, “These first aid boxes, equipped with essential medical supplies and kits as well as the first aid manual, will serve as a crucial resource to ensure immediate medical assistance in times of need.” He further said the action step RACI has taken in inaugurating a first aid club in these schools will spur in students the commitment and desire to save lives and possibly develop a passion to pursue health-related careers in the future.

The collaborative effort between Rescue A Child Initiative and HaleSpace Ng highlights the significance of proactive disaster management and emergency preparedness within educational institutions. By equipping teachers and students with the necessary skills and resources, the initiative aims to create a safer and more secure environment for all stakeholders involved.

Delivering a Keynote speech at the event, the Founder, HaleSpaceNg, Omotoyosi Akande charged educational stakeholders on the need for collective efforts in sustaining community projects.

Omotoyosi acknowledged the incredible impact that community projects have had on societies around the world. From enhancing infrastructure and access to education to promoting environmental sustainability and social equity, these initiatives have played a pivotal role in transforming neighborhoods and empowering individuals.

“Community projects are not solitary endeavors; they require the participation and commitment of every stakeholder,” She declared. “To achieve sustainable outcomes, we must come together, pooling our resources, expertise, and enthusiasm to overcome obstacles and maintain the momentum.”

At the event, RACI launched First Aid clubs in the local government, and Mrs. Safiu I.K, a teacher from Baptist Day School Alaari, was appointed as the Coordinator. Additionally, a First Aid Manual was unveiled to serve as a comprehensive guide for schools.

In her acceptance speech, the coordinator, who is also a participant promised to uphold the aims and objectives of the initiative, adding that the appointment will usher in a new development in the education sector, benefiting not only the schools, but also the entire Ipokia Local Government.

“I was thrilled to participate in the “RESCUE A CHILD INITIATIVE” program. It provided us with valuable skills to handle emergency situations not only in our school but also at home and within our community. Moreover, the program instilled in us the virtues of confidence, knowledge, courage, and self-reliance when faced with emergencies. Instead of being dependent on others, we learned to take initiative and be proactive in our environment.”

“Since I have been working in the local government, I haven’t come across or heard of any First Aid club. Establishing such a club would undoubtedly contribute to saving more lives in our community. As the saying goes, “A little goes a long way,” and even a small effort can have a significant impact. I strongly believe that organizing similar seminars in the future would greatly reduce instances of untimely and unexpected deaths. I would like to express my heartfelt appreciation to the organizers of the program, and I pray that Almighty Allah rewards them abundantly for their noble work,” Safiu added.

Fatai Salaudeen, one of the co-founders of the initiative, expressed his heartfelt appreciation to the partners and sponsors who played a pivotal role in making the project a resounding success. Notably, recognition was given to The Inspire Initiative, the Ogun State Universal Basic Education Board (SUBEB), the Zonal Education Office, Ipokia Local Government, the Ipokia Local Government Education Authority, and Temiloluwa Boutique, among others, for their invaluable support.

“With the successful completion of the training program in Ipokia Local Government, Rescue A Child Initiative plans to expand her efforts to other regions, fostering a culture of preparedness and resilience in schools across Ogun State and beyond,” said Fatai.

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