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Rainbow Friends: What does Yellow do?

A co-op horror experience set in a doomed amusement park, Rainbow Friends invites players to embark on a dangerous adventure. This is a multi-stage game where players enter the theme park in groups of 15, but there is no guarantee how many will survive in the end.

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The biggest threats in the amusement park are the roaming giants, who seem to be the result of a series of unsuccessful experiments by a mad evil that controls all the horrors you see in the park. Each of these monsters attack differently and are named simply according to their color.

What does yellow do?

Yellow is the monster that appears in Phase 2. Once you’ve collected all of the light bulbs and delivered them to Laser Tag, you’ll trigger Phase 2, which will add Yellow as a new wandering giant to the map, right next to Blue and Green. Yellow is actually a flying monster, but it does not fly while roaming the map, however, you can see helicopter blades on its back, which start working as soon as Yellow grabs someone.

Unlike blue or green which will eat you as soon as they catch you, players actually have a chance of surviving with yellow. Once Yellow catches you, it flies through the air and passes over multiple locations. Meanwhile, you will receive a message from your master, telling you not to fall until there is something safe below you to land on.

This safe place is actually the mini trampoline box next to the Ferris wheel. If you fall on the trampoline, you will survive the attack, but you must have a quick reaction because the yellow flies over it very fast. So, timing your jump is key. If you can’t land on the trampoline, you won’t survive.

Similar to the other monsters, Yellow will remain within the park until the end of the game. It’s not as fast as Heavenly on Earth, and it doesn’t have much green attack range. So, if you stay away from yellow, you won’t be in any danger.

However, one last thing, you need to be careful about the yellow, the moment it lands after killing a player. Therefore, you always need to watch over your head when you hear the yellow bird, as it can land just in front of you and catch you by surprise.

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