Regional forces, MNJTF inducts new troops

• Exercise to help understand operation, Commander says

From Timothy Olanrewaju, Maiduguri

The regional forces, Multi-National Joint Task Force ( MNJTF) has inducted military personnel deployed to the field from participating nations to facilitate their understanding of the operation environment.

Deputy Force Commander, Brig Gen Assoualai Blama while flagging ofg the three days training at Ndjamena, Chad’s capital, said the exercise was aimed at acquainting the newly deployed military personnel with the force’s environment.

“The training is aimed at acquainting the newly appointed military staff officers with the functional realities of staff works at the HQ MNJTF and to familiarize them with the socio-cultural environment of the host nations,” a statement by the force spokesman, Lt Col Abubakar Abdullahi, on Thursday revealed.

He said the commander enjoined the participants to put into use their various experiences received in other operations and administrative skill to succeed in their new roles.

A total of 14 military staff officers from Nigeria and Niger benefitted from the training, Lt Col Abdullahi disclosed.

Countries around the Lake Chad including Nigeria, Niger, Chad and Cameroon deployed troops to the MNJTF as a regional collation to halt expansion of terrorism activities in the Chad Basin.

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