Riddle that asks how many numbers are on a clock is stumping social media

A riddle that asks ‘how many numbers are on a clock?’ has taken over the internet this week. Read on to find out the answer.

It’s one of many brainteasers flooding TikTok and Twitter, like ‘how many holes in the skirt’ and ‘I am an odd number take away a letter’.

Riddles were popular on social media during lockdown and have seen a resurgence in 2023. This is the latest one stumping people…


How many numbers are on a clock?

The viral riddle asks a simple question…

It seems easy – but the puzzle is confusing many this week.

Answer to the riddle explained

Most people confidently give answer 12, because there are 12 numbers on a clock of course.

However, the actual answer is…

10, 11 and 12 all have two numbers in them – so that makes the total amount of numbers 15! 12 + 3 = 15.

What the riddle is really asking is how many DIGITS there are on a clock, but it uses the word numbers to trick you.

Riddle annoys people on TikTok

The puzzle has gone viral on TikTok where people are asking their partner or friend the question and filming their reaction.

“How many numbers are on a clock?” one man asked his girlfriend, to which she replied “12” – and her boyfriend said: “No.”

“What clock are you looking at?” she angrily responded. “12” the woman then repeated over and over again. “It’s 12!”

Another lady even used her fingers to count and confidently said “12” while her partner assured her: “That’s not right.”

“There are 12 numbers!” she shouted. “No you’re wrong, I don’t care what you say. There’s 12 numbers. There are 12 numbers.”

If you need another one, have a go at the tricky ‘I have 50 dollars’ riddle which will leave you baffled.

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