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Samsung’s 980 Pro SSDs are getting unprecedented discounts, dropping to their lowest prices ever

  • Samsung 980 Pro 2 TB

    $130 $160 Save $30

    A premium 2TB SSD that delivers great speed at a great price.

  • Samsung 980 Pro

    $66 $80 Save $14

    A premium 1TB SSD hard drive that delivers great speed at a great price.

If you are looking for an amazing deal on SSDs that offer excellent performance, the Samsung 980 Pro hard drives will be some of the best available. The Samsung 980 Pro was one of the best M.2 SSDs out there before it was dethroned by the Samsung 990 Pro series. Despite this, they are still a great option and offer plenty of speed and reliability. So whether you want to upgrade your laptop or PlayStation 5, or just need to get more storage space in your computer, the 980 Pros will be an excellent choice for you.

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What’s so great about Samsung 980 Pro SSDs?

With the Samsung 980 Pro SSD, you get a PCIe Gen 4.0 NVMe M.2 drive with sequential read speeds of 7,000MB/s and sequential write speeds of 5,000MB/s. Samsung drives are known to provide incredible reliability, thanks to their impressive thermal controls. Gen 4 drives can be installed in PCs, laptops, and even the PlayStation 5, making them a great option when trying to upgrade your internal storage. Moreover, if you have Gen 3 hardware, the Samsung 980 Pro SSD is backward compatible.

Why buy the Samsung 980 Pro SSD?

The 980 Pro SSDs are fast and reliable, and even now they’re seeing a huge discount. Best of all, there are multiple sizes you can buy, but the 1TB and 2TB models are having the best deals right now. Before making the purchase, be sure to check that your device has an M.2 slot. If not, you may need to use different SSD options. But if your product is compatible, be sure to head to Amazon for the best deals right now, as Amazon comes in as a great secondary option.

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