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Anthony Sena, the grandson of Pueblo murder casualty Susan Hernandez, was viewed as at fault for first-degree murder, illegal conflagration, and robbery for killing her in July 2015 after a contention over cash she paid him to get the top of her home fixed. He was condemned to life in jail without the chance of parole.

Susan was clubbed to death before her body was set ablaze in the cellar of her home. Investigators accepted Anthony killed the 77-year-old after she requested back the cash recently given to him for rooftop fixes since he continued to defer the work. She likewise took steps to call the police on him.

During a months-in length examination, criminal investigators found proof that ensnared Anthony, particularly after his own little girl professed to have seen blood on him one day before Susan’s body was found. His telephone records likewise positioned him where the casualty’s ID and different cards were found.

As per the Colorado Division of Rectifications, Anthony Sena is as of now spending time in jail at the Authentic Restorative Office. ID’s The Homicide Tapes returns to Susan Hernandez’s grisly homicide in an episode named Obtuse Power Injury. The abstract states:

“An honest lady, Susan Hernandez, is the last individual police would hope to track down killed in her storm cellar; looking for suspects, criminal investigators turn over each stone in the chase after Susan’s executioner, with an outcome that deeply impacts the town.”
The forthcoming episode airs this Thursday, June 8, at 7:00 pm ET.

In a November 2016 preliminary, Anthony Sena, the grandson of Susan Hernandez, was viewed as at fault for killing the 77-year-old the prior year after a contention concerning cash she gave him for rooftop fixes of her home.

Investigators found the seriously consumed and pummeled collection of Susan in the cellar of her Pueblo, Colorado house in the wake of extinguishing a fire. They announced that she died of serious gruff power injury to the head and that her body was purposely set ablaze to dispose of physical proof.

Anthony was indicted for each of the three counts he was accused of, which included first-degree murder, criminal endeavor to carry out first-degree pyro-crime, and robbery. A short time later, he was condemned to life in jail without the chance of parole for the homicide accusation and given 12 years for the illegal conflagration count and six for the robbery count, both to be carried out sequentially with the existence punishment.

As per the Colorado Branch of Redresses, Anthony Sena is at present carrying out his life punishment at the Authentic Restorative Office.

Investigators claimed that cash Susan Hernandez paid to Anthony Sena for a material occupation was the homicide thought process

Susan Hernandez was most recently seen alive at some point around the early afternoon long periods of July 28, 2015. The opened front entryway of her home and the fire in the storm cellar were first found by her girl Katrina, who showed up at her home to determine the status of her after the mother-of-seven neglected to answer her calls.

During the examination, analysts guessed that Susan was beat to death around the same time she was most recently seen, and the grandson, Anthony Sena, got back to her home the next day and set her body ablaze.

At his preliminary, investigators claimed that Anthony was inspired to kill his grandma over cash she paid him for a material work that never finished. She supposedly kept in touch with him two separate checks – a sum of more than $8000. Be that as it may, neither did he return her the cash not start with the gig he was employed to do. Reports express that Susan asked him for the cash and took steps to call the police on him.

The guard, in any case, contended that there were no immediate connections that proposed Anthony was the culprit of the wrongdoing. They likewise guaranteed that the material occupation was not the justification for the grisly homicide. With everything taken into account, they expressed that no physical proof was gathered during the examination that connected him to the killing of his grandma.

The Homicide Tapes on ID will additionally dive into Susan Hernandez’s fierce killing this Thursday.

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