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Stalker 2 developers are asking fans not to look at the leaks

Stoker 2: The Heart of Chernobyl The leaks are now online but developer GSC Game World is asking his fans not to be concerned with these leaks. The developer talked about the latest leak this week, a leak that was not limited to just the gameplay stalker 2 But it’s an early build that’s playable and clearly doesn’t refer to a final product, which is why GSC Game World is asking its followers to act as if this leak never happened. Checking these leaks out, the developer said, “it may ruin your experience” before you can actually play the full version of the game. stalker 2.

The Ukrainian developer has reportedly been the target of Russian hackers who were looking to exploit GSC Game World’s business, and those efforts are said to have culminated in the game’s recently leaked playable build. Seeing these kinds of leaks often leads to distorted misconceptions of the game since it is true at that point that the game is somewhat playable but clearly not finished, so the developer stepped in to ask people not to pay any mind to those leaks. .

“We have some important information to share. Our team has identified a vulnerability that was exploited by a group of Russian hackers who have been attacking the company for about a year and a half,” the developer said. Unfortunately, they have gained access to some of our leaked information intended for internal testing of various aspects of the game.

For the time being, we ask stalkers and those who wish to join the region in the future not to look at or share any leaked material from the game. Although these materials are only used for testing purposes and are not ready for release, these leaks may ruin your experience of exploring the region. by yourself “.

stalker 2 Unleashed has been a tumultuous journey, and that is the least that can be said of the process. It’s been pushed back more than once with one being pushed back to late 2022 and another to sometime in 2023, and for a while, the game’s development was paused due to Russia’s war on Ukraine. The last updates to the game prior to this leak consisted of a new trailer and a reconfirmation that the game will still be released sometime in 2023.

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