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Stephen Amell and Grant Justin celebrate the end of The Flash with a dinner date

Arrow Star Stephen Amell the light Superstar Grant Gustin posted identical photos to his Instagram Stories last night, revealing that the couple had gone out to dinner together (most fans assume to celebrate the end of… the lightand, with it, the shared universe of DC adaptations with which he began Arrow). The duo, who look very different in their approaches to work and fame, bonded after Gustin’s Barry Allen debuted Arrowand have remained friends ever since, often expressing support for not only each other’s “Arrowverse” shows but each other as people and for other non-DC projects.

the light It concluded last month after nine seasons, marking the end of an era that began with Arrow The first show in over a decade. Amell appeared in an episode during the final season of the lightwhich was easily the most noisy and beloved episode of the year by fans.

“I and I are an unemployed diner,” Amil quipped on social media as he posted his photo. heels It’s about to start its second season, which isn’t technically correct for Amell himself.

You can watch their adorable matching stories below.

Arrow Debuting in October 2012, it introduced Amell as Oliver Queen, a character previously played by Justin Hartley on The CW’s Smallville. Oliver Amell wasn’t the same guy as Hartley’s, though; He was a dark and angry figure akin to The Dark KnightMore Batman than brightly colored superhero Hartley. This vibe was more for Justin, who appeared in a couple of Arrow Season 2 episodes as Barry Allen, who is struck by lightning at the end of these guest spots to set up his own series, the light. In the years since, superheroes have begun to rule the airwaves on The CW. Arrow And the light And join them super girla series that originated on CBS before being canceled there; Legends of Tomorrow in DCa show about a group of time-traveling misfits who grew up in the Arrow And the light; black lighting, about a middle-aged superhero who comes out of retirement to protect the community he loves; And Batwomanwhich centered (at least initially) on Bruce Wayne’s cousin.

The network is currently airing two superhero shows – Superman and Lois And Gotham Knights – though neither of them take place on Earth-Prime, the prime timeline is set from the Arrowverse. Superman and Lois Co-stars Tyler Hoechlin and Betsy Tulloch made their first appearances super girl and preparing an introduction to their series on Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover, but in the show’s second season, fans learned the characters existed Superman and Lois They were multiple world people from the people they were familiar with, not the “Originals”.

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