Summer Game Fest 2023 predictions range from Elden Ring DLC to new Tomb Raider

It’s that time of the year where Summer Game Fest 2023 will deliver an assortment of mouth-watering trailers, and there are a bunch of exciting predictions online along with alleged leaks and rumors for which games will appear.

Summer Game Fest promises to be a fantastic showcase. This year has already been an incredible all the way from January to now. There was the Dead Space remake, the Resident Evil 4 Remake, and most recently there’s been the releases of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, Street Fighter 6, and the almighty Diablo 4.

While it’s already been a stupendous year so far, there’s a lot more still to arrive and plenty of upcoming titles will be exhibited at Summer Game Fest 2023.

Summer Game Fest 2023 leaks

One of the biggest leaks so far for Summer Game Fest 2023 is Persona 3 Remake.

The often reliable leaker regularpantines has said that it ‘will be announced soon’. This doesn’t mean it will debut at the upcoming Geoff Keighley event, but Sega is included in the lineup of publishers.

In addition to a Persona 3 Remake, a title codenamed Persona 5 T has also surfaced online. No one’s figured out what the T stands for yet, but regularpantines says it is not a fighting game. Rumors have also suggested that Persona could be shown off at the Xbox and Bethesda showcase on June 11th, so keep that in mind.

Away from Persona, rumors also suggest that the newest Call of Duty game will be revealed, too. According to leaks, Call of Duty 2023 will be Modern Warfare 3.

Per Insider Gaming, it will be a full release rather than premium DLC for Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, and it will feature a campaign, multiplayer, a new Warzone 2 map, and the return of zombies. Of course, it will also be on PlayStation, PC, and Xbox.

Summer Game Fest 2023 predictions

Below is some of our educated and most optimistic predictions for Summer Game Fest 2023:

Image credit: Crystal Dynamics – screenshot from Tomb Raider YouTube channel video Shadow of the Tomb Raider TV Spot: Become the Tomb Raider [ESRB]

New Tomb Raider teaser

One of my most optimistic predictions for Summer Game Fest 2023 is a teaser for the brand new Tomb Raider video game. Amazon Games will publish the next instalment in the legendary Tomb Raider series, and they are confirmed as part of the event’s lineup.

Alongside Amazon Games, there is also the confirmed inclusion of Netflix. The streaming network is developing an animated Tomb Raider series, so perhaps we could see a trailer for this Netflix show followed by a very brief teaser for Lara Croft’s next video game. Either way, all I’d love to see is a very brief snippet that gives us an idea of what Lara Croft will look like in the confirmed sequel that plans to connect the canon of the reboot saga to the old games.

And, when it does eventually come out, here’s hoping the new Unreal Engine 5 Tomb Raider game features more classic elements such as dual pistols and a Lara Croft with some actual wit.

Elden Ring DLC Shadow of the Erdtree

Shadow of the Erdtree is upcoming DLC for Elden Ring. It was announced back in February, and reports suggest it has been in development for at least over a year.

Elden Ring disappeared from existence for many years before returning at a Summer Game Fest event with a gameplay trailer and release date. We’re hopeful the same will happen again with its DLC seeing as there’s been no real news since its announcement.

Final Fantasy VII characters Tifa, Cloud, and Barrett in a forest with green lines enveloping them - Summer Game Fest 2023 predictions with exciting leaks and rumors - Final Fantasy VII Rebirth
Image credit: Square Enix – screenshot from Final Fantasy YouTube channel video FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE INTERGRADE – The Ancients

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

Square Enix has lately been very vocal about Final Fantasy VII Rebirth on Twitter. The official Final Fantasy VII Twitter page has been posting developer updates such as that the game will feature brand new music, new comrades for combat, and that they are ‘working on nailing down a release date’.

We expect Final Fantasy 16 to be at Summer Game Fest 2023 with a demo release date, and we’re also hopeful that the demo will simply be immediately downloadable. But, in addition to FF16, we would like to see a trailer for FF7 Rebirth showing Cloud, Tifa, Aerith, Barret, and the rest of the gang.

CG trailer for a brand new AAA Marvel game

While many expect Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 to be at Summer Game Fest 2023 with a release date, one of our more hopeful predictions is that there will be a reveal trailer for a brand new AAA Marvel game previously unshown to the masses.

There are multiple Marvel games in development such as Electronic Arts Iron Man, and Amy Hennig’s Captain America. Perhaps the most likely Marvel game to be shown not named Spider-Man is Marvel World Heroes. This is a mobile game developed by Niantic, famous for Pokemon Go, and it is set to come out sometime in 2023.

But, in more ambitious hopes, we’d be really giddy over seeing just anything concerning either Iron Man, Captain America, or hell, even Wolverine. Is it likely? No. Is it wishful thinking? Absolutely.

Norman Reedus in Death Stranding 2 reveal trailer - Summer Game Fest 2023 predictions with exciting leaks and rumors - death stranding
Image credit: Kojima Productions – screenshot from Kojima Productions YouTube channel video DEATH STRANDING 2(Working Title)- TGA 2022 Teaser Trail…

Death Stranding 2 gameplay trailer

A gameplay trailer for Death Stranding 2 is the final part of our Summer Game Fest 2023 predictions.

Hideo Kojima and Geoff Keighley are all buddy-buddy, so we’re hopeful DS2 will return at SGF after previously being revealed at another Geoff Keighley hosted event, The Game Awards 2022.

While the reveal was a cinematic teaser, we’d really appreciate seeing some quite extensive gameplay. The original Death Stranding was a unique experience that put many off with its ‘walking simulator’ gameplay, so maybe naysayers can be won over with more action-oriented footage.

And that’s it for our Summer Game Fest 2023 predictions. The new Call of Duty is expected to be announced, and my fingers are tightly crossed for Persona at either SGF or Xbox. We’d also like to see Kingdom Hearts 4, The Elder Scrolls 6, and God come down from the heavens if at all possible.

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