Support Tinubu to build better Nigeria, US-based cleric tells Nigerians

An America-based Cleric and President of Miracle Valley Ministries, Pastor Sola Fabunmi, has urged Nigerians to support President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s administration to build a country that will work for all.

He said, “The President is a Nigerian like every other person and the development of the country does not solely depend on him but on the collective efforts of every Nigerian.”

The cleric in a statement on Friday said, President Tinubu has done what is necessary for the country to move forward, saying, ” fuel subsidy is no longer serving its purpose and has become like robbing the majority to service a few.”

He said, “All the presidential candidates for the 2023 election included fuel subsidy removal in their manifestos. I know that everyone who is opposed to the subsidy removal now had one of the candidates as his or her preferred choice to win the election. Based on this, I see any opposition to the policy by anyone as for personal gain and not in the interest of the country.

“Nigeria is a great country, everyone must play his or her part to make it work and it all depends on having a healthy mentality. The United States of America is great because its people say it is great. The way you see Nigeria is the way it will appear to you. So, in our daily words, citizens must speak positive words to the country than curse her at all times.”

The cleric enjoined the government to use the resources that were supposed to go for subsidy judiciously for the benefit of the people, urging citizens to avoid people who may want to use them to destabilise the government.

“Now, the government must direct resources to things that will benefit the people to be able to afford the new fuel cost without hassle.

“And, citizens must be wary of people whose plan is to use them to cause problems. Some people strive when there is commotion between the government and the people. They must also be careful of religious leaders who are fond of claiming that a certain individual is not the will of God for Nigeria. Ask them to show you proof why the person is not,” the cleric.



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