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The band “Tash Sultana” dazzles the UK again | music | entertainment

Having recently won the Rolling Stone Global Musician Award 2023, Tash Sultana has amassed billions of streams and is considered one of the biggest names in Australian music.

The gender fluid artist who not only writes his own songs but also plays all the instruments and produces his own recordings is about to go on a massive tour of Europe and North America.

Tash talks about James Dean’s newly released single and is candid about the meaning behind the song’s lyric “I’ve cut ties with things that no longer serve any purpose for me.”

The theme of challenging friendships and feeling down is universal and sure to resonate with listeners.

They describe how they “cut the throat beautifully. You know, I don’t like to waste my time.”

“I hate it when I feel really disrespected because I feel like I’m really giving everyone a level of respect… You don’t need to like everyone in the world, and everyone doesn’t need to like you” they say with refreshing honesty and real emotional maturity.

It’s clear that this fierce personality and drive have made it a huge success, with Tash creating everything himself – even the amazing album artwork.

Tash’s psychedelic aesthetic is embodied in the brand’s vibrant mushroom image that reflects their wildly attractive and colorful personality.

In anticipation of their upcoming shows at the Hammersmith Apollo and Wolverhampton Civic Hall, Tash says the London shows are their favorites to play because of their intensity and unpredictable audiences.

At a previous show, Tash says an audience member emailed her management to complain that the performer was a hologram, with Tash deducing that the man had been standing next to them the whole time.

“He was either a schizophrenic, or a liar, or both!” , laughing at the sheer absurdity of it.

And on a more serious note, they added that “there’s the issue of mental health. Fans go there, and there’s a lot of riding in the show. People approach you before the show with messages. It’s a deeper experience for most people at a party than just going to pee.”

Tash is excited to play every song from the hugely successful MTV Unplugged session in which she gave the channel complete creative control, joking that “I must have charmed MTV for them to do it!”

On tour, they will incorporate a custom loop system that instantly generates everything, the only one of its kind in the world.

Tash’s two highly-anticipated dates this month are set to be a spectacle for the multi-talented global star that definitely shouldn’t be missed.

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