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The latest gaming monitors from Alienware and Dell ensure ultra-smooth gaming

Dell and Alienware have announced a series of new gaming monitors. There are two new Alienware 27 gaming monitors, as well as the Dell 25 and Dell 27 gaming monitors. No matter your budget and needs, these monitors are designed for ultra-smooth gameplay.

The most interesting displays are on the Alienware side of things. There is the Alienware 27 AW2724HF and AW2724DM. These new monitors are for competitive gamers and those who might be into esports. The AW2724HF is a Full HD monitor, and has a 360Hz refresh rate and 0.5ms response time, along with features like AMD FreeSync. On the other side of things, the AW2724DM is a lower-end monitor, but it’s not low on features. It packs a 180Hz plus refresh rate (165Hz native) in higher QHD resolution, also has a 1ms response time, and supports HDR600, AMD FreeSync, and Nvidia GSync.

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With the design, these screens are very stylish. It features a revamped Legend 2.0 design, with a smaller hexagonal base, and customizable Alien FX lighting. The stands are fully adjustable, so you can play at any angle you prefer. The AW2724H also has a retractable headphone hanger, and a center joystick for easy navigation of menu systems.

Dell gaming monitors are very good, especially for console games. This Dell 27-inch gaming monitor features QHD resolution, 165Hz refresh rate, and DisplayHDR 400 certification with a 2ms response time. The more expensive Dell 25, meanwhile, has an FHD resolution and can be overclocked to a 280Hz refresh rate, with an impressive 0.5ms response time. All of these monitors support both AMD FreeSync and Nvidia GSync and have a sleek, height-adjustable stand.

The Alienware 27 AW2724HF is on sale now for $460. Alienware 27 is model AW2724DM. You can pick up the Dell 27 G2724D for $300, and the Dell 25 G2524H for $250 starting June 22 and June 27, respectively.

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