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The Samsung Galaxy S23 and S23+ are set to get a future update that will fix blurry photos

It’s hard enough for one company to make one great smartphone, but Samsung manages to produce a few every year that top many best-of lists, including ours. The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra and Galaxy S23+ are some of the best Android smartphones you can buy right now, but that doesn’t mean they’re perfect. In particular, the Galaxy S23+ and Galaxy S23 seem to be having some issues when it comes to close-ups, but Samsung seems ready to make some improvements with an update that will correct image blurring issues when taking pictures of objects. Close.

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people in Android Police discover a Samsung community share He talks about this issue and how it will be fixed by a future update. According to the post, using machine translation, it states that if you’re a Galaxy S23+ or S23 owner, you might have noticed that the camera tends to blur the image when you take a close-up shot. This is caused by the wide-angle camera on the back, which has a bright aperture. While this is great in low-light scenarios, it seems to cause the problem of blurring when taking pictures of things up close.

In the post, Samsung stated that they will make changes in the future and will fix this issue. It does not say when, but there is a possibility that it will arrive sooner than we think, as the news agency reports that it may arrive sometime in June with a camera planned for the Galaxy S23 series phones. Of course, if you’re struggling with this problem, Samsung has some advice, like encouraging users to take photos from far away and also take photos vertically instead. Of course, these are only temporary solutions for now, so if you’re looking for a solid solution, you’ll unfortunately have to wait.

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