There are some mouth-watering movies to tide fans over before The Bear season 2

HITC breaks down eight must-watch foodie movies ahead of The Bear season 2.

It’s almost time for Jeremy Allen White’s Carmen “Carmy” Berzatto to cook up a storm and the fandom couldn’t be more excited.

Created by Christopher Storer, The Bear premiered on Hulu in June 2022 and became a streaming sensation, with UK audiences eventually invited to check out its exhilarating eight episodes on the Star channel on Disney+.

Bringing his fine dining experience to his family’s beef sandwich restaurant in Chicago, Carmy’s tasked with bringing out the best in his staff and especially the food they offer. Speaking of food, there are some great films that all you cuisine enthusiasts out there are sure to enjoy.

With The Bear returning on Thursday, June 22nd 2023, HITC is here to recommend eight must-watch foodie movies ahead of The Bear season 2…

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Boiling Point

If you thought The Bear could be stressful then the simmering tension of Boiling Point is sure to knock things up a notch.

Directed by Philip Barantini, Stephen Graham (The Irishman) stars in this 2021 British drama that’s filmed entirely in one take and follows head chef Andy Jones and his staff at a hot London restaurant navigating through a service suffocated by obstacle after obstacle.

The one-take approach is no gimmick and observes just how tough the chef lifestyle can be, with plenty of additional drama to spice it up. It’s even being adapted into a TV series as we speak!


Bradley Cooper (A Star Is Born) stars in this John Wells-directed drama as Adam Jones, a talented chef who is determined to revitalize his career following a string of disastrous missteps in both his personal life and the culinary world.

A plan begins to form and he takes a gig at a prestigious London restaurant, paving his way for a rise back to the top.

Released in 2015, Burnt boasts very passionate fans and is arguably one of the very best in the fictional cooking genre.


Has a grilled cheese ever looked so tantalizing? Not, not it has not.

Directed by and starring Jon Favreau, this 2014 passion project tells the story of Carl Casper, a chef who loses his spot at a much-loved restaurant after an outburst involving a food critic.

Taking a leap, he buys a food truck and reconnects with his family on a journey of enlightenment and great food.

There are so many moments that will leave you hitting pause and searching for recipes. A foodie must-see.

The Bear is bookmarked with some perfect feel-good moments and The Hundred-Foot Journey director Lasse Hallström serves up plenty of similarly delicious scenes in this 2014 romantic drama starring Helen Mirren.

An Indian family moves to France and establishes a new restaurant opposite a French haute cuisine restaurant and institution.

As you’d anticipate, the opposition sparks a rivalry that gradually blossoms into something beautiful and educational for both parties. A cinematic delicacy you can’t help but indulge in.

Jiro Dreams Of Sushi

If including a documentary is cheating then we don’t care because an exception has to be made for Jiro Dreams Of Sushi, perhaps the most exquisite portrait of the art of sushi ever made.

The feature follows the titular sushi chef Jiro Ono as he continues to raise the bar for his craft. Meanwhile, his eldest son, Yoshikazu, feels the pressure of stepping into his father’s footsteps or falling under his shadow.

Featuring some of the most beautifully captured images of sushi you’re ever likely to see, your dinner plans will be cemented after watching this 2013 treasure.

Mr. Long

This 2017 Sabu-directed crime drama operates primarily as a thriller, but there’s something so beautiful and poignant about the director’s approach to and overt love for food that makes it a no-brainer for the list.

A Taiwanese killer is forced to hide out in a small town after botching a mission, where he discovers that he may wish to leave a life of violence behind and embrace an unexplored passion for cooking.

Although word of his excellent cooking earns the admiration of the townspeople, it also attracts unwanted attention from those seeking revenge.


Taking things further back to 2007, many viewers consider Ratatouille as Pixar’s greatest achievement—perhaps they’re right.

Although it’s a film about an anthropomorphic rat guiding a budding chef while keeping the truth behind the amazing food hidden, it’s somewhat surprising that the film provides great and acute commentary on the restaurant industry, all while exhibiting an undeniable love for the art of food and how it brings us together.


You’ll feel lots of things while watching the underseen 1985 comedy Tampopo, but first and foremost you’ll feel hungry. Very Hungry.

Directed by Juzo Itami, this Japanese gem tells the tale of two milk-truck drivers who help a restaurant owner perfect his noodles, complete with plenty of hilarious and irresistible cooking sequences.

Watching this with a beautifully prepared bowl of noodles at home? It doesn’t get any better.

The Bear season 2 premieres on Hulu on Thursday, June 22nd 2023.

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