TikTok trend about inevitable events in life is taking users by surprise with the truth

After Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse hit the theaters, TikTok users are sharing their canon event experiences using a filter, so let’s find out what is the meaning and definition of the phrase.

TikTok has become one of the most widely-used social media platforms for popularizing relevant challenges.

Over the years, the video-sharing app has introduced us to many eccentric and sometimes even NFSW filters and trends. Now, people are posting TikToks that center on different canon events.

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Meaning of canon event

Canon events refer to occurrences in an individual’s life that must happen and are inevitable. Often, these are viewed as unfortunate.

The phrase has existed for a long time and the latest animated Spider-Man release only added to its popularity as the movie is believed to focus on canon events that are key in Spider-Man’s world and hold the Spider-Verse together, according to The Tab.

There is still a comical notion associated with canon event as it references bittersweet moments of eerie phases of life and your inability to stop others from experiencing the same.

The term has also inspired memes on Twitter since the release of the film.

Viral phrase inspires filter

Can you believe there is a filter on TikTok that could show you your canon event?

Just like any other filter, all you have to do is look at your phone as it finds out one event that unfolded in your life that you wish you could have avoided.

Surprisingly, many of the people trying the trend have claimed the results they found are true.

For instance, one user was told that getting cheated on was their canon event and the person said the prediction couldn’t have been more accurate.

10 best examples from TikTok

Users trying to find out their canon event refuse to believe the final result until they witness it.

A typical video from the ongoing trends begins with the overlay text that reads: “A filter can’t tell you your past canon event” and then shows the person trying it and then looking dumbstruck after finding the answer.

Here are some of the most popular canon events from different TikTok users’ clips:

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