TikTok's popular cat language lessons are a blessing to pet parents worldwide

The famous cat dad on TikTok has praises being heaped on him for the viral ‘How to speak cat’ lessons, which are serving as an exclusive guide to pet parents with tips on how to communicate with your furry babies in a special language.

Communicating with a pet is sometimes hard as it is, let alone being able to make a grumpy cat move from its spot with mere words.

Surprisingly, TikTok content creator Alec Newman has changed the game by understanding cat’s behavior so well that people are calling him a cat whisperer.

But, the TikToker who can speak to cats, still takes as little credit as possible.

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‘How to speak cat’ lessons are going viral on TikTok

Content creator Alec owns a cat named Grim and he is popular for teaching the language he uses to communicate with his pet kitty.

You won’t believe each of his lessons has gathered millions of views. The most popular of all is boasting over 35.9 million views and counting.

He also tries out on his cat what some of his followers suggest, such as making a strange noise or certain gestures to see how Grim reacts to them.

Aside from collaborations with his cat, Alec has made a lot of comedy-based content and often participates in viral trends and filters.

Kitty language decoded

Here are all the lessons Alec has taught so far and can come of use to cat lovers.

How to Speak Cat – Lesson one

How to Speak Cat – Lesson two

How to Speak Cat – Lesson three

People can’t get enough of it

TikTok users are flooding Alec’s videos with requests to share more ‘How to Speak Cat’ lessons as they are finding his pointers extremely useful in communicating with their kitties.

One commented: “I’m addicted to watching those videos. Do you have any words for “play” or, maybe, to stop bickering between two cats? “

“This man has cracked the code. We need more cat lessons,” wrote another.

A third person wrote: “Cat community has spoken we want more!”

“Boy, we need more! We need the whole cta language encyclopedia right now,” said another.

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