Valorant Episode 7 introduces Team Deathmatch with a unique set of rules

Riot Games has shared the release date for when Valorant Episode 7 Act 1 will come out, and it will introduce a brand new Team Deathmatch mode with a unique set of rules.

Valorant Episode 6 has been a decent chapter for the Riot Games’ shooter as it’s introduced lots to the game. For example, fans have received a new agent named Gekko, and everyone has been able to participate in the Premier mode open beta.

While it’s been a good year so far for fans, things are about to get even better in just a couple of weeks with the release of team deathmatch mode.

When does Team Deathmatch come out in Valorant?

The release date for when Team Deathmatch mode will come out in Valorant is June 27th.

This is also the same release date as when Episode 7 Act 1 will begin. TDM is a 5v5 mode that takes place on the following three new custom maps:

You will be rewarded with 1,000 XP per every match played. It’s a mode that is a staple of pretty much most first-person shooters, but Riot Games is coming at it in a different angle with unique rules.

How to play Valorant Team Deathmatch mode

Each Team Deathmatch session you play in Valorant will last nine minutes and 30 seconds with four different stages.

The team that captures 100 kills first wins, and each death comes with a respawn timer of 1.5-seconds. If neither team gets to 100 kills before the countdown ends, the squad with the highest total of kills ultimately wins. An equal amount means a draw.

Maps will be littered with Recovery and Ultimate orbs. Recovery Orbs heal and provide a shield for 6 seconds, meanwhile, Ultimate orbs charge up your Ultimate ability.

When you die, you will respawn in the Spawn Room. Here you can change your loadout if necessary, and, when running back into the battlefield, you will be protected from opposition damage and abilities for 15 seconds.

Lastly, weapons will spawn around each map, and they will also upgrade per stage as bouts progress. Spawned weapons have limited ammo, and they are destroyed after running out of projectiles.

Valorant is only available to play on PC. Riot Games said back in 2020 that they are ‘prototyping’ ports for console, but nothing about a PlayStation or Xbox release has been officially mentioned ever since.

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