What did Bill Cosby do? Comedian sued by 9 women for assault in Nevada

Amazing American comic, entertainer, and news tycoon Bill Cosby is by and by back in the news, and for a wide range of wrong reasons. Ends up, upwards of nine ladies have sued him for a progression of s*xual attacks and documented a claim against him at the U.S. Region Court of Nevada.

This move comes a long time after the territory of Nevada passed a regulation eliminating the rule of two-year restrictions for common cases, for example, s*xual attacks.

According to reports, the claim blames Bill Cosby for taking advantage of his “colossal power, acclaim, and renown” to s*xually misuse this large number of nine ladies by control and separation. The casualties are Janice Dickinson, Lise-Lotte Lublin, Janice Cook Kinney, Lili Bernard, Heidi Thomas, Linda Kirkpatrick, Rebecca Cooper, Pam Euphoria Abeyta, and Angela Leslie.

Cosby’s representative Andrew Wyatt has, in any case, denied all charges. He even proceeded to blame the individuals for getting their inspiration from “expansion to enormous measures of media consideration and eagerness.”

Every one of the nine ladies who have blamed Bill Cosby for s*xual attack, misuse, and battery have asserted that the occurrences occurred in either Las Vegas lodgings or Cosby’s home somewhere in the range of 1979 and 1992. Every one of them has likewise said that they were “sedated or endeavored to medicate.”

The ladies’ lawyers have expressed that Bill Cosby was at real fault for all charges and had even owned up to ownership of medications. He had likewise supposedly admitted to utilizing the expressed medications on ladies “with whom he needed to participate in s*x” during a testimony.

The claim makes reference to every one of the attacks exhaustively. For example, on account of offended party Lise-Lotte Lublin, in 1989, Cosby met her during an acting mentorship program and offered her two refreshments, and requested Lublin to drink them, “to help her unwind and ad lib more actually.”

In any case, before long, Lublin started to feel discombobulated and couldn’t continue all alone. This is when Cosby supposedly played out a wide range of s*xual acts with her, including intercourse, without her assent, and despite her desire to the contrary.

Very much like Lublin, Heidi Thomas too met Bill Cosby for a tutoring meeting in Reno in 1984. Regardless of let Cosby know that she was not a consumer, he constrained her under the misrepresentation that it will help her training a scene. Before long, she passed out. Truth be told, she was in and utterly crazy for a really long time at a stretch, during which Cosby r*ped her at least a couple of times.

Concerning Lili Bernard, she met Cosby in 1990 during a gathering in a Vegas inn suite. She also was told by the entertainer to drink what he professed to be a non-alcoholic shimmering juice, to remember her splendid future as an entertainer.

Nonetheless, before long, in addition to the fact that she lost her detects, yet in addition got herself exposed on the bed, with Cosby attempting to m*lest her from the back when she arose. Notwithstanding fights and sobs for help, Bill Cosby purportedly wouldn’t stop, “put a pad over her face, forestalling Mrs. Bernard from relaxing” and afterward attacked her.

It was around the same time that Cosby likewise designated model Janice Dickinson in northern Nevada. They were both at supper when the last option whined of feminine spasms. Cosby claimed to give her a pill to facilitate her uneasiness. However, soon, Janice was confused and later wound up being s*xually attacked in his inn suite. Cosby even overlooked every one of her supplications to stop the horrifying demonstrations.

Rebecca Cooper and Bill Cosby met at a Las Vegas gym in 1980. The last option welcomed the previous for supper where she was served a beverage by him. While she deliberately had that, it wasn’t some time before she wound up in Cosby’s changing area, with him attempting to m*lest her in spite of her rehashed complaints.

Another offended party named Linda Kirkpatrick encountered Bill Cosby behind the stage during a show in 1981. She also was offered a beverage, which she drank independently. Nonetheless, much to her dismay that she would lose her awareness.

When she had returned to her detects, she understood she was in the culprit’s changing area, being m*lested. She neglected to oppose as the impacts of liquor made her briefly weakened.

It was in the last part of the 1980s or mid 1990s that Bill Cosby welcomed Angela Leslie to his Las Vegas inn suite. At first, Cosby was training her on acting, however he before long offered her a beverage that delivered her inebriated and mixed up. Cosby m*lested Leslie yet the last option some way or another figured out how to escape.

Maybe one of Cosby’s most memorable casualties was Pam Happiness Abeyta, whom he met in 1979. Cosby medicated her during supper, took her to an inn suite, and constrained himself on her.

Judy Huth also was a 16-year-old when Bill Cosby mishandled her s*xually in 1975. As of late, a jury indicted him and paid the casualty a pay of 500000 US dollars.

Till date, almost 60 ladies have blamed the now 85-year-old Cosby of a wide range of s*xual misuse. However, he has kept up with his “not liable” stand.

Other than this new claim, last month itself, a lady named Victoria Valentino sued Cosby for attacking her a long time back, in 1969.

Prior, in 2018, Bill Cosby was sentenced for “irritated disgusting attack” against Andrea Constand and burned through three years in jail, until he was delivered in June 2021 by the Pennsylvania High Court expressing that his fifth Change and fourteenth Amendment were disregarded.

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