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What the latest indictment of Donald Trump means for him — and for 2024

like never before The second indictment Former President Donald Trump may have serious repercussions The ongoing presidential race of 2024CBS News political director Vin Gomez said Thursday.

Two US officials confirmed the accusations stemming from a federal investigation into Trump’s handling of sensitive government documents after leaving the White House to CBS News, as did Trump’s lawyer.

March decision of a New York grand jury to convict Trump Gomez told CBS News White House Correspondent Nancy Cordes on Thursday that because of the circumstances surrounding the payment of “silent money” to adult film star Stormy Daniels in 2016, it didn’t hurt Trump’s favorable ratings in opinion polls.

If you look at the Manhattan DA case, [Trump’s] Poll numbers buoyed him right after that happened,” Gomez said, adding that fact was not lost on rival Republican campaign sources.

Gomez said Thursday’s new indictment could have more serious implications for Trump.

“This is a little more serious, obviously. This is a federal case. It could be potential federal indictments,” Gomez said, noting that competing sources “believe in the long term, as the cycle continues, that can damage [Trump] So much so that it would probably knock him off the podium, if you will, from being the front runner.”

Two 2024 GOP candidates responded to news of the indictment Thursday night. Noting that this is Trump’s second indictment, former Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson said in a statement, “His willful disregard for the Constitution and his lack of respect for the rule of law – should not define our nation or the Republican Party.” Noting that the criminal proceedings would be “a great distraction,” he called on Trump to “respect the position and end his campaign.”

Vivek Ramaswamy defended the former president, saying, “I never thought we would see the day when the US president deputizes the Department of Justice to catch his main rival in the middle of an election,” and said that if he wins the presidency, he “d pardon Trump immediately.”

It was not immediately clear the exact nature of the charges, which were first to emerge from special counsel Jack Smith’s investigation. But three sources familiar with the case said the former president was indicted on seven counts of keeping information for national defense, conspiracy and obstruction.

Trump as well He faces 34 felony charges for falsifying business records in a New York state court, and A.J trial in this case It is scheduled to begin on March 25, 2024, in the midst of the presidential campaign. He pleaded not guilty to the charges brought by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg.

The Republican field for the 2024 election has grown exponentially this week, with a number of Republicans joining or hinting at joining the race. Former Vice President Mike Pence, former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, and North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum launched their campaigns this week.

Sources close to former Texas Republican Will Hurd told CBS News that Hurd is close to making a decision. Hurd, also a former CIA officer, had been seriously considering running for two months.

Another potential candidate is two-term Miami mayor Francis Suarez, who has been publicly considering running for a few months. A senior GOP source said Suarez is moving in the direction of announcing his candidacy, Gomez said.

in three supports On his Truth Social account on Thursday, Trump said he was notified by Justice Department attorneys that he was charged with a “box hoax” and was arraigned in federal court in Miami on Tuesday.

“I never thought that such a thing could happen to a former President of the United States, who has received far more votes than any sitting President in the history of our country, and is currently leading, by far, all candidates, both Democrats and Republicans, in the election polls Presidential for 2024. I’m a handyman!” he claimed.

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