Where is Roger Harris now? Whereabouts explored ahead of American Monster on ID

In 2000, Roger Harris, a Flying corps retired person and a dad of-two from Lake City, was viewed as at legitimate fault for killing his significant other, Donna, in 1998 while engaging in extramarital relations with a lady named Jennifer Palmer, who was once their family’s caretaker. He was sentenced for first-degree murder and was at first given capital punishment, which was subsequently different to life in jail.

Jennifer conceded to scheme to carry out murder and being an accessory to the wrongdoing, while at the same time affirming against Roger later. As a component of the request bargain, she was given 25 years, which was subsequently diminished to 20. She has since been let out of jail.

That’s what examiners asserted albeit the darlings plotted Donna’s homicide together for a really long time, Roger carried out the wrongdoing alone. Jennifer later admitted to her part in the homicide and was a critical observer in his preliminary. As per the Florida Branch of Remedies, Roger Harris is at present carrying out his punishment at the Hardee Restorative foundation.

A forthcoming episode of American Beast on ID is scheduled to return to Donna Harris’ homicide case this Friday, June 9, at 7:00 pm ET. Here is a glance at summary of the episode, named The Main Way Out:

Roger Harris was captured in his better half’s 1998 homicide after his special lady and his family’s previous babysitter, Jennifer Palmer, admitted to her job in the killing, asserting that the retired person had been needing to kill Donna.

Jennifer, who recently confessed to one count of trick to carry out first-degree murder and one more count of embellishment sometime later to first-degree murder, was a star observer at Harris’ April 2000 preliminary during which a jury pondered for four hours prior to viewing him to be blameworthy of first-degree murder and scheme to carry out first-degree murder.

Roger was condemned to death, a decision which was subsequently different to life in jail without the chance of parole in 2003 after the Florida High Court tossed out capital punishment. The court maintained his conviction and forced another sentence upon him.

Roger Harris would have rather not separated from his significant other to be with fancy woman since he feared losing his youngsters

In mid-1998, 45-year-old Roger Harris began an issue with their family’s live-in sitter Jennifer Palmer, who cared for his and Donna’s two youngsters. Not long after learning about the issue, Donna requested that Jennifer leave and at last terminated her, however the darlings kept on chasing after their s*xual relalationship.

Roger, who at first asserted he needed to separate from his better half, then, at that point, let his special lady know that he feared his the authority of his kids and in this manner, didn’t have any desire to continue with it. Donna had likewise taken steps to remove their kids from him.

In this manner, the resigned Aviation based armed forces serviceman began plotting his significant other’s homicide with the escort. He killed the casualty on December 2, 1998, utilizing a custom made pneumatic nailer that he terminated at the rear of Donna’s head. He then called Jennifer and requested that she arrange off a dark garbage sack, which comprised of physcial proof.

Roger then drove Donna’s van to a truck stop in Highway 75 where he deserted the vehicle with her body inside. Jennifer, who had followed him, gave him a ride home from that point.

He detailed Donna missing on December 4 and after three days, the unwanted van with her disintegrating body inside was found. That very day, Jennifer was captured after she admitted.

ID’s American Beast will additionally dive into Donna Harris’ homicide case on Friday, June 9, at 7:00 pm ET.

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