Who Is Caryl Vaziri, Iron Sheik Wife? Wikipedia And Age

Caryl Vaziri is Iron Sheik wife. Caryl’s husband Hossein Khosrow Ali Vaziri, famously known as The Iron Sheik, was a former professional wrestler.

The legendary WWE figure, Iron Sheik, passed away at 81, according to an announcement on his official Twitter page.

The statement confirmed his death, but the specific cause was not revealed. Iron Sheik is survived by his wife of 47 years, three children, and five grandchildren.

Born in Tehran, Iran, Vaziri had a background in amateur wrestling, representing Iran in the 1968 Summer Olympics and achieving success at the Asian Games in 1971.

During the late 1970s, Vaziri relocated to the United States and transitioned into the world of professional wrestling.

Assuming the persona of The Iron Sheik, he became a well-known antagonist role, leveraging the political tensions between Iran and the US for his storyline.

Speaking broken English and incorporating Persian language phrases, The Iron Sheik capitalized on the geopolitical climate of the time.

As the legendary wrestler died, people following him are curious about his wife and children, he left behind. Keep reading to learn more about him.

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Who Is Caryl Vaziri, Iron Sheik Wife?

Hossein Khosrow Ali Vaziri “Iron Sheik,” who was a Shia Muslim and a former soldier in the Imperial Iranian Army, tied the knot with American Caryl J. Peterson.

The couple exchanged their wedding vows on March 21, 1976, and lived a long married life until Sheikh’s demise. She was later known as Caryl Vaziri.

The wedding ceremony had “Mean” Gene Okerlund as the best man, a name the Sheik often humorously referred to as “Gene Mean” in his broken English.

Together, Vaziri and Peterson have two living daughters and are blessed with five grandchildren.

Iron Sheik was married to Caryl Vaziri in March 1976 (Source: Pro Wrestling Stories)

Tragically, their eldest daughter, Marissa, lost her life at the age of 26 in May 2003. Her murderer, Reynolds, also passed away on May 31, 2016.

To illustrate, Charles Warren Reynolds was Marissa’s boyfriend, who killed her and was subsequently apprehended and later convicted of the crime.

While Sheikh is so much popular and was celebrated worldwide, little was known about his wife and children.

In the ring, The Iron Sheik showcased his exceptional technical wrestling skills and proficiency in submission holds.

He employed the Camel Clutch as his signature finishing move, forcing many opponents to submit.

With his intense and aggressive demeanor, he established himself as a formidable competitor, and the world will remember him for a long time.

Iron Sheik Wife: Wikipedia And Age 

Iron Sheikh’s wife, Caryl Vaziri, does not have a Wikipedia, and very few media outlets have covered her.

Her age hasn’t been mentioned on social media either, similarly. Nearly 50 years passed during their marriage.

Caryl was a native of Minnesota. According to her, her spouse went through various challenging periods in his life.

Iron Sheik wife
Caryl and Sheik’s daughter, Marissa, was murdered by her boyfriend, Reynolds (Source: Bidoun)

Following the tragic loss of their daughter Marissa, Caryl expressed concerns in court about her husband’s potentially violent intentions.

She even admitted that if she could redo her life, she would encourage her husband to pursue any profession other than the wrestling business.

“I have always advised my husband to leave The Iron Sheik persona behind,” Caryl stated, “and then he could enter our home.”

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