Woman reportedly lets her 10-yr-old son try to ‘steal’ her ex-boyfriend’s car (Video)

A dramatic exchange has taken place in the presence of onlookers involving an African American man, his ex-girlfriend, and her 10-year-old kid.

The two adults were arguing about his choice to break up with her when the little child climbed into the man’s Honda and tried to drive off.

The viral video shows a little child trying to start and move the automobile, but his mother did not chastise him; instead, she supported his actions.

The lady’s ex-lover requested that she correct her son and call him to order, but the woman said that since he made the decision to stop the relationship, he deserves what is happening.

The man was observed yanking the youngster out of the car and reprimanding him, but the lad abused him with derogatory language.

He appealed to the young boy to quit so that he wouldn’t wind up in jail or a juvenile detention facility.

He advised his ex-girlfriend to discipline her son and be a better mother, but she responded that her son is fighting for her because she was a good mother.

Watch the video below,

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