XDefiant open beta lets gamers play Ubisoft's Call of Duty killer for free

The release date for when the XDefiant open beta will come out and start is quickly approaching, and you must make sure to sign up if you wish to play and download on PS5, Xbox, and PC.

XDefiant is a brand new free-to-play online arena shooter from Ubisoft. There was a closed beta back in April, and many were impressed with some gamers arguing that it could be a Call of Duty killer.

While only very few gamers have been able to experience the upcoming FPS first-hand, in just a week everyone can give the game a go entirely for free.

When does the XDefiant open beta start?

The release date for when the XDefiant open beta will come out and start is June 21st.

This was announced at the recent Ubiforward event. It will only last until June 23rd/24th, meanwhile, the full release will come out sometime this summer.

It is coming to PlayStation, PC, and Xbox. However, on consoles, it is restricted to current-gen only meaning PS5 and Series X/S.

A specific release date for the full release will be shared after the upcoming open beta. When the game does come out, everybody will be greeted with a six-weeks long preseason.

How to sign up for XDefiant open beta

You can sign up for the XDefiant open beta by visiting the game’s official website and selecting Register.

Once you’ve done that, follow the below steps:

  1. Choose either PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PC
  2. Click ‘Register’ again
  3. Log into your Ubisoft account or create one (or sign in with PSN/Xbox ID)
  4. Choose the game you play the most and how long
  5. Click Next
  6. Then you’re done

As for how to download the open beta, you will be able to install it from the PSN store for PlayStation, Microsoft store for Xbox, and Ubisoft Connect for PC. Alas, no preload has been announced, so, as of writing, the download will become available on June 21st when servers go live.

When it does become available, you will be able to enjoy cross platform multiplayer with friends across all systems.

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