Latest NPower Stipend News Today 7th July 2023

Latest Npower Stipend News Update Friday, 7th July 2023: NASIMS, the National Social Investment Management System, has addressed the widespread claim regarding the completion of payment for outstanding/backlog stipends from October, November, and December 2022.

NASIMS clarified that the payment is still ongoing, and beneficiaries should anticipate receiving their stipends soon. They cautioned against spreading negative assertions that could create tension in the country.


NASIMS explained that the delay in stipend payment was due to the process of verifying genuine beneficiaries among the Npower applicants who complicated the Npower Validation process. While over 200,000 new Batch C2 Npower beneficiaries were recently shortlisted and instructed to validate their information using the Npower Validation Form, thousands of non-shortlisted “Npower Applicants” also filled out the form. This has increased the complexity of the payment process, as funds intended for genuine beneficiaries cannot be used for individuals who have not been engaged in the program. Payment will continue while sorting out this issue, according to the Npower management.


NASIMS warned Npower applicants and those who did not receive text messages or emails for Npower information validation to refrain from filling out the Npower Validation Form, as it further delays the stipend payment. They noted that several individuals who are not Batch C1 or C2 Npower beneficiaries filled out the form, despite previous messages specifically sent to unpaid Batch C1 and C2 beneficiaries for validation purposes. NASIMS clarified that both text messages and emails are being sent to ensure that shortlisted applicants receive the necessary notifications.


The Npower management advised newly shortlisted Batch C2 beneficiaries who have yet to complete the Validation Form to do so promptly, as the window for validation will close soon.


Regarding the backlog/outstanding stipend payment for Batch C1, NASIMS mentioned that it would address it after completing the payment for Batch C2. Although the Batch C1 Npower Program ended in August 2022, a benevolent package of three months’ stipends was approved for them in February 2023. However, the payment for the September to November stipends for Batch C1 has been suspended until the Batch C2 payment process is concluded.


In summary, the payment of outstanding/backlog stipends for October, November, and December 2022 to Batch C2 Npower beneficiaries is still ongoing. Rumors suggesting otherwise should be ignored. Non-selected Npower applicants should avoid filling out the Npower Validation Form. The validation process will close soon, so selected beneficiaries should complete it promptly. The payment of outstanding stipends for Batch C1 has been temporarily suspended but not terminated.

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