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Meet Dr. Doris Anite, a medical doctor turned banker, now a ministerial nominee

President Tinubu recently announced the list of ministerial nominees, as required by the constitution, within the 60-day period after taking office.

Among the nominees are individuals with diverse backgrounds, including former governors, economists, health experts, lawyers, and close allies of Mr. Tinubu.

One of the nominees is Dr. (Mrs.) Doris Nkiruka Uzoka Anite. Dr. Uzoka is from Oguta Local Government Area in Imo state and is a woman with a versatile academic and professional background.

Her nomination is no surprise amidst the changing landscape of Nigeria’s political scene and the aspiration for increased gender equality, youth involvement, and technocratic governance which is becoming increasingly evident.

The significance of having women and young people adequately represented in these roles cannot be emphasized enough.

Their presence brings forth novel perspectives and innovative problem-solving approaches, which are vital for addressing the intricate challenges confronting Nigeria.

Furthermore, their inclusion sends an empowering message highlighting that their voices are valuable and their contributions indispensable for the country’s progress and development.

Dr. Anite’s career trajectory

Dr. Anite is a medical doctor by profession and holds a CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) charter, specializing in Financial Risk Management and Portfolio Management.

In 2002, she made a career shift to the banking industry, rising to become the General Manager of Zenith Bank Plc and later becoming the youngest commissioner under Imo state Governor, Hope Uzodinma.

During her tenure as a commissioner, Dr. Uzoka was in charge of various critical functions at Zenith Bank, including Fixed Income and Currency Trading, Asset and Liability Management, Treasury Corporate Sales, and Financial Institutions.

She was responsible for the bank’s investment strategy, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements and managing risks.

Her banking career began in the Human Resources and Training department, and she later transitioned to Treasury in 2011.

She successfully handled roles in trading Fixed Income and Currencies, and eventually became the Treasurer of the bank.

Driven by her goal-oriented and customer-centric approach, Dr. Uzoka’s outstanding performance significantly contributed to the bank’s profitability, earning her several accolades and promotions within the organization.

Apart from her financial acumen, Dr. Uzoka possesses exceptional interpersonal skills, which she acquired through her human resources training. These skills have been instrumental in managing the diverse local and international relationships required in her role.

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