Nigerian woman shares how she overcame JAMB failure to study abroad and marry a white man (Video)

A Nigerian woman, Nurse Glory, who moved abroad after failing the Joint Admission and Matriculations Board (JAMB) examinations, has shared how she defied all odds and found happiness in the arms of a white man.

She bravely narrated her story, which started with her move to the Philippines in 2013, in a touching video posted on TikTok.

After Nurse Glory received her disappointing JAMB examination results, her destiny took an unexpected turn.

She made the daring choice to go overseas in order to pursue her ambitions of further education, and she finally ended herself in the Philippines.

She had no idea that this new chapter would bring her significant encounters with love and success in the face of hardship.

Nurse Glory met a Nigerian man who was her true love soon after coming into the Philippines. Their bond deepened, but tragedy struck when her lover passed away in a pool accident before their child could be born.

Nurse Glory showed unflinching bravery and decided against having an abortion in the face of overwhelming sadness and peer pressure.

As she mourned her loss and rebuilt her life, fate intervened once again. A white man, crossed Nurse Glory’s path, capturing her heart and kindling a new flame of love.

After giving their romance a chance, they started traveling together and eventually got married in 2018.

Nurse Glory excitedly announced in her TikTok video that she is presently pregnant with their second kid while celebrating the birth of their first child, Success.

Watch the video below,

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