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Npower Stipend Payment and Nasims Validation News Today, 5 July 2023

Npower Stipend Payment and Nasims Validation News Today, 5 July 2023 can be accessed below.

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1. Approval for New Payment Pending: The Npower management, NASIMS, has provided an update stating that the approval for the new payment is still pending. This payment is specifically for the backlog of unpaid stipends from 2022 for Npower Batch C beneficiaries.

2. Timely Initiation of New Payment: NASIMS has assured beneficiaries that once the new payment is approved, it will be initiated promptly without any delays. It is important to note that beneficiaries are owed stipend payments for five months in 2023.

3. Enrollment of Preselected Applicants: Npower is currently in the process of enrolling more preselected applicants. These applicants are being invited to validate their accounts in order to be included as beneficiaries.

4. Payment Process for Validated Accounts: The payment process for Npower beneficiaries who have successfully validated their accounts through the provided validation link is already underway. Many beneficiaries have confirmed receiving their backlog payments today.

5. Rumors about Payment Suspension: There have been rumors in the media regarding the suspension of payments to vendors, contractors, consultants, and service providers by the Federal Government until further notice. However, it is important to note that salaries and pensions are not affected by this decision.

6. Inclusion of Additional Batch C2 Applicants: NASIMS has taken steps to engage and include additional Npower Batch C applicants in the Npower Batch C2 Program. Selected applicants have received text messages requesting confirmation of their status and validation of their Npower records through the Npower Account Validation Form.

5 Things You Must Know About Npower Validation Link

For the Npower volunteers who do not know much about this, here are 5 Things You Must Know About Npower Validation Link:

1. The Npower validation link is for only unvalidated Npower beneficiaries and Npower preselected applicants to validate their accounts.

2. The Npower validation link is not created to recruit new beneficiaries. It is meant for unpaid or preselected beneficiaries whose data is already captured in the Nasims portal.

3. The original Npower validation link is

4. Any Npower beneficiary who has received his or her stipends don’t need to validate again.

5. More than 55,256 Npower unpaid beneficiaries have been paid Via the validation link.

Follow the steps below to gain Npower management’s attention to answer your questions:

Go to Twitter and share a post asking Npower to help you confirm your validation status if it was successful. Make sure you include your Npower ID in the post and tag @npower_ng in your post.

Repeat this post under any trending post on Twitter to get Npower Twitter handle to respond to you.

You can also contact the NSIP support team to confirm your validation status via the following email and phone numbers:

[email protected]

Whatsapp: 07030859183

The additional line for complaints and enquiries: 0700 CALL NSIP OR 070022556747

Finally, for Npower batch C beneficiaries who are yet to validate their account, we advised you to do so because you are not a complete Npower beneficiary until the account is validated. See details on how to validate your account here Npower Nasims Account Validation Link.

Npower Nasims account validation link message from Npower management

According to the validation message sent by Npower to Batch C2 N-Power Beneficiaries, state: “This is to notify you that we encountered issues validating the details you provided on your N-Power (NASIMS) profile. This could be due to error in data entry or in the case of your bank account, invalid/inactive account.

“Kindly use the link below to validate your BVN and account details to continue maintaining your status on the N-Power Program.


“Please if you do not have any issues with your payment, Npower Nasims Profile information, kindly ignore this.”

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