Oyibo man outsmarts yahoo boy, scams him of 100 dollars (Watch video)

A Nigerian yahoo boy has tackled an Asian man for allegedly ripping him off during his attempt to engage in internet fraud.

He lamented in a video making the rounds on social media about how the foreigner ripped him off and got 100 dollars from him. The yahoo boy was having a video call with the oyibo man who made fun of him and showed off the food and drinks he bought with the fraud money.

Feeling hurt and betrayed, the yahoo boy threatened to expose him by circulating his photo, but that did not move the guy as he laughed and said that he was enjoying himself with sumptuous meals.

The Nigerian man then threatened to take the Asian scammer’s picture and use charms (juju) to make him lose his life, but all his threats appeared to be falling on deaf ears.

See the clip below:

abdulcordri; You go explain tire, no evidence

kristopha_lavish50; You go explain explain tire, because no evidence ????????

wattakofe; Una dey find high rate up and down ????????

kenny__hassan; Your picture i will use it to juju ???????? they play why don’t you use juju to collect your money.

Meanwhile in entertainment news…

CorrectNG reported that popular actress Nancy Isime built a beautiful home for her father and mother, which she said was a dream come true for her.

The screen diva took to her Instagram page on Monday to announce that she ushered her parents into a fully funished 6-bedroom bungalow in celebration of her birthday.

According to the beautiful actress, there was also a housewarming with neighbours, relatives and friends in attendance. Nancy said the house gift was also to appreciate her dad for allowing her to leave home and chase her dreams of becoming independent at the young age of 17.

Sharing photos and video, she wrote; Yesterday, One of my Biggest Dreams came to Fruition. I ushered my Daddy and Family into their fully completed, finished, furnished 6 bedroom home and it gladdened my heart so much. I’ve been on this for years and I’m glad I could finally complete and hand the keys over.

We also had a house warming party with neighbors, friends and relatives in attendance which also doubled as the part 2 of my 31st birthday celebration.

Watching everyone congratulate my daddy with hugs and cheers made me grin from ear to ear. When I asked how he felt, he said “This has added many more years to my life” ???? amongst many other heartwarming words.

This is also a way to thank my Dad for letting his 17 year old daughter leave home daily to chase her dreams of becoming a fully independent woman. At 19, I told him I was ready to live on my own and even if he had fears, he let me do me with trust that I won’t bring shame to the family. 13 years later, I’m happy I get to also fulfill one of his Life Long Dreams.

I’ve prayed, envisioned and manifested this day into reality and I couldn’t be more grateful to God. I’ve deliberated posting this for a bit but I happen to be followed by many young girls/persons who can relate to my story so much and are probably in a stage in their lives where they’re wondering if all the hustle will pay off. Listen to me, It will. Not overnight, but it will.

Focus on your dreams, put in the work, take care of yourself whilst trying to take care of others, take your time,you don’t have to arrive…just take one step after the other, don’t try to do Big things…do what you can, be a genuinely good person who wants to see good happen for others as much as they want to happen for themselves, stay far away from Negativity and most importantly let God do God! These are a few of the Life tips I hold dear, it might help you. I don’t know. You can try them. Wishing you the very best on your journey.

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