“She used me” – Actor, Yomi Fabiyi opens up on relationship with colleague, Mo Bimpe (Video)

Popular Nollywood actor and producer, Yomi Fabiyi, has once again spoken about his ongoing feud with his colleague, Mo Bimpe.

During a recent interview, Yomi opened up on how he met Bimpe in 2016 and how their relationship took a turn leading to a fallout, while debunking reports that their disagreement was because he requested sex in exchange for a role from Mo Bimpe.

According to Yomi, in 2016, Mo Bimpe was a staunch fan who always expressed her love for his works. Impressed by her passion, he decided to cast her in a movie he was working on at the time, despite her having no prior experience in acting.

Yomi narrated the series of events that led to their fallout, recounting how, after shooting the last scene of the movie in Abeokuta, Bimpe insisted on returning to Lagos with a different actor other than Yomi who brought her.

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Yomi Fabiyi went on to clarify that he had no contact with Mo Bimpe until 2019 when she reached out to him for her own movie. To his surprise, he found out that she had gathered his entire crew behind his back to work on the movie, which he saw as a betrayal.

Yomi Fabiyi repeatedly emphasized that there was no sexual relationship between him and Mo Bimpe, asserting that he solely trained her in the profession and was responsible for her rise to stardom.

He accused Bimpe of using him to gain popularity and claimed that she completely changed after that.

Watch him speak below,

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