Shehu Sani Lists 5 Factors Responsible For Coups In West Africa

Former Kaduna Central lawmaker, Shehu Sani has identified five major reasons military coups are happening in West Africa.

Speaking on Saturday amidst the most recent coup in Niger Republic, Sani said the five factors are responsible for the collapse of democratic governments in West Africa.

He blamed the political class, economic challenges, security challenges, expanding influence of Russia and China as well as failure to sanction those who carry out the coups.

According to the former lawmaker via his Twitter account, “I think there are FIVE factors that are responsible for the collapse of democratic Governments in West Africa and now giving rise to military coups.”

1. Strangulation of Democracy by the political class and shrinking civil space.
2. Economic challenges that lead to widespread poverty and hunger.
3. Security challenges; the spread of terror groups and overreliance on the military.
4. Expanding presence of Russian and Chinese influence in the economic, security and political sphere.
5. Failure of sanctions to have any meaningful impact on coupists.


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