Steph Curry Bids Jordan Poole Farewell

Jordan Poole developed become a valuable reserve starter for the Golden State Warriors. Poole, who was drafted 28th overall in 2019, made his way up from a G League demotion to start 43 games (and play in 82) this season. In addition, he averaged 20 points per game throughout the most recent season. He was, however, roundly chastised for practically being invisible during the Warriors’ poor playoff run. Many people expected the Warriors to release Poole at the end of the season.

That expectation came to fruition as a result of the Chris Paul trade. Initially, Paul was traded to the Washington Wizards in exchange for Bradley Beal. However, the Wizards have no need for Paul, nor his massive contact. So the Wizards turned around and flipped Paul to the Warriors in exchange for Poole. He will now play out the four-year contract he signed last season as part of a Washington rebuild. Now one of his former teammates, Steph Curry, has officially said goodbye to him.

Curry’s Goodbye Video Sparks Debate


“So now that the trade is actually final, I thought I’d come on here and say to JP how much I appreciated the four years, brother,” Curry began the video on his Instagram story. “You’re a champion, you grew up right in front of everyone’s faces. You know, that first year where it was rough and everybody, you know. You was just trying to find your way – going to the G League and coming back. Us going 18-5 down the stretch your second year. Us winning a championship your third year. And, ya know, fighting to the end this last year. Can’t wait to see you shine on own and see what you become. And, you know, CP, can’t wait to ride with you brother.”

However, the video has proven divisive. While some think it’s a classy goodbye, others are reading more into it. Curry’s inability to look at the camera, his fairly monotone and disinterested delivery are all being used as “evidence” that this was less a personal message and more of an obligation from the team’s biggest star. Furthermore, it’s not the first time that it’s been suggested that a current Warrior is shading Poole. While supporting Curry at The Match, Draymond Green did the NBA roster-building challenge for a TikTok. When presented with the Wizards, Green opted to choose Kyle Kuzma over the newly-traded Poole.

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