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Steven Spielberg's New TV Show Continues A Weirdly Specific Kubrick Trend That Guarantees Greatness

Steven Spielberg is hard at work retooling Stanley Kubrick’s famously unproduced Napoleon movie into a limited series for HBO, and it’s not the first time that Spielberg has revived a Kubrick project. Spielberg has been working for a decade to reimagine Kubrick’s unmade Napoleon Bonaparte biopic as a seven-part miniseries for HBO (via Deadline). The Schindler’s List director has been working with Kubrick’s widow Christiane Kubrick and her brother, Kubrick’s producing partner Jan Harlan, to make sure it’s as close to Kubrick’s original vision as possible. Spielberg’s Napoleon series risks being overshadowed by Ridley Scott’s own Napoleon project starring Joaquin Phoenix, but both projects explore Napoleon’s life from different angles.

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