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“Your nose is finer than most human beings” ― Adorable video of Comedian Bovi hyping his only daughter

Nigerian comedian, Bovi Ugboma shared a video on Wednesday hyping his only daughter and calling her sweet names.

Sharing the adorable video on his Instagram page, Bovi cried out over his daily fatherly duties, which require him to settle quarrels among his kids.

Bovi’s daughter, Elena

In the video, his daughter, Elena, who was almost in tears expressed displeasing at her brother’s mean comment to her.

She stated that her brother had called her the ugliest witch known to man.

Soothing her, Bovi sang her praises as he showered her with sweet words.

See the conversation below,

Bovi’s daughter: He said I am the ugliest witch known to man.

Bovi: You are not a witch. So why are you allowing him to hurt you?

Bovi’s daughter: But it’s mean

Bovi: Yes, but you should brush it off

Bovi continued: You are an angel, don’t you know? Beautiful Angel. Look at your nice ears, look at your nose. You took your daddy’s nose, your nose is finer than most human beings. We are privileged to have you on this planet with us.

In his caption, the comedian revealed that he has been settling quarrels for the past 6 days.

“I’ve been settling quarrels for 6 days now. New method loaded”.

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