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Beware of France, America, El-Zakzaky warns Nigeria, Niger Rep 

The leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, Shaikh Ibraheem El-Zakzaky has again warned Nigeria and Niger Republic not to allow France and America cause rift between them, saying caution should also be taken to prevent them from triggering internal conflicts between the two neighbouring countries.

El-Zazaky stated this on Thursday while addressing students from Hauza (Islamic Seminary) at his Abuja residence.

The Islamic leader, who insisted that Nigerians and Nigeriens must fall for the antics of the Europeans, reminded the leaders of the two countries that the current  impasse is not new, noting that both had experienced coup d’état at one time or another and reverted to civil rules without any external interference.

The statement reads in part: “It is important that people realise the farfetchedness of a ‘war’ between the Niger Republic and Nigeria.

 “After all, who, if not they, designed Niger and Nigeria (in their present form)? Weren’t they the ones that split (us)? They sectioned out nations and demarcated borders, saying, this is for France and that for the English.

 “We never did such a thing; they came and met us together.

“Well, what I am apprehensive about is the possibility of the outbreak of war since they have positioned soldiers at the borders, using a popular American quotation, ‘all options on the table’. That statement is what they use when threatening nations. From Bush (Senior) to Bush (Junior), as well as Clinton, Obama, and Trump, they all made that statement. Now, our ‘people’ have adopted it.

“That is, they have not ruled out the possibility of going to war.

“Well, who would fight (attack) the other?

“For God’s sake, how is Nigeria concerned with something called ‘Democracy’ in Niger?

“How many times has there been a coup in Niger, after which it has returned to civilian rule?

“How many times has there been a coup here (in Nigeria)? Did anybody ever come and force us to revert to civilian rule? I have never heard such a thing. How could you just pick up arms, saying you have to wage war (on a country) in the name of ‘Democracy’?

“And it is clear that this is not our war; it is a war between America and France. Although Niger has closed its airspace, France’s aircrafts still pass through. And they also have ‘terrorist’ camps, some of whom they’d bailed out after they were captured.

 That’s the source of the (so-called) ‘Boko Haram’ attacks; their camps are over there. That’s where they come from—to launch attacks and ferret away mineral resources (gold) to be subsequently shared among them (the stakeholders).

“Now, I’m apprehensive about the possibility of them using those terrorists. Or they themselves (France) may attack from the air, claiming that the attack is from Niger. Under that pretext, it would be said that ‘Niger has attacked us’, and then counter-attacks would be launched from Nigeria. Therefore, if you hear of shootings in Nigeria or cross-border attacks, be assured that they are the handiwork of France and America, not Nigeria and not Niger!

“Has a war ever occurred between peaceful neighbours when there’s no disagreement between us? We’ve become one, peacefully living in harmony. How can we just plunge into war one day?”

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