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Big Brother Parrot exposes Ike’s talk about pimping Venita to big boys (Video)

In the Season 8 All-Star Edition of BBNaija, Ike Onyema got a shocking news when the big brother parrot repeated exactly what he had said about arranging Venita and other female co-reality stars for big boys at parties.

During their daily activities, a housemate noticed the parrot making unusual sounds, capturing the attention of everyone.

The housemates listened in as the parrot echoed Ike’s statement, where he admitted to organizing parties for his friends and providing them with BBNaija ladies for the occasion.

He mentioned Venita Akpofure as one of the women he frequently connected with his friends.

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In Ike’s words: “I make money from PR, we organize parties and these boys call me to arrange big Brother babes for them. Venita knows how many times I have called her. I make the most money when I give BBNaija girls to ballers including Venita.”

Ike’s statement stirred up discussions among the housemates, adding more drama to the current BBNaija reality show.

Concerned Nigerians have reacted to this and have stormed the comment page of the post to drop their opinions.

See some reactions below:

Global Ken: “Ike made a veryyyyyyyyyy big mistake gisting about it in the first place.”

nora: “omo the parrot thing doesn’t make sense sha now the housemates would be fearing to gossip and their gossip sweet die.”

na_hzar: “Make parrot talk mercy own about ike. biggy must come out.”

thick girly: “Why won’t she knew who it is, when it’s true.”

Debbie_Apedo: “And they are talking about my Bayeeee kissing boys in the house.”

Queennimash: “Reunion go start inside the house.”

Quintasha: “Too bad venita, if u get boyfriend he go hear ha! Nawaoo.”

ABENA: “This parrot will play plots and gossips. People are in trouble. Pere’s own is next. Tag me when it comes.”



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