Bobrisky’s Mother Surfaces After Husband’s Burial Shares All the Strange Occurrences In Her House

A video of Bobrisky’s mother sobbing uncontrollably while speaking about her family after her husband’s death has sparked outrage.

The grieving woman spoke out about her husband’s murder and the peculiar circumstances surrounding his death in the video.

While characterizing him as a loving husband, she disclosed that the morning he died, he woke her up and prayed fervently for her and the entire family.

His action caught her off guard, and she realized something was wrong. Unfortunately, by the time she requested her eldest son to check on him, he had already died.

In her words:

“He was a good man and a loving husband. Last week, we both went for the burial of his brother’s wife. He woke me up on the morning of 14th and said tomorrow is your birthday.

“He started praying heavily for me and mentioned all his family and started praying. I was concerned and I knew something was up. I called our first born to check on him and when he checked, he had died.”

Watch the video below:

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