Bola Tinubu Did Not Seek Permission To Go To War, But…. – Senator

Napoleon Bali, a legislator for Plateau South, has refuted the claim that President Bola Tinubu asked the Senate for permission to go to war with Niger.

Due to the huge expenses and the current economic situation, Bali emphasised that the Senate would not support going to war with the Niger Republic.

Senator Bali stressed during his appearance on the morning show of Arise TV that such a battle would be costly and terrible.

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He emphasized, “Nigeria is facing serious economic challenges and won’t be able to pay the price of war.”

Speaking on President Tinubu’s demand, he said, “but sought advice on solutions to the Niger-Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS). Tinubu is a Democrat, who knows the procedure of war. The leadership of the Senate has mandated that we engage the president, especially in a cordial relationship with Niger. We have a solution which we will give to him to take to the ECOWAS leadership, but we can’t make it public. Anyway, the northern senators came out openly to say what their constituencies told them. That is they don’t want war. The Niger Republic borders about seven northern states – Sokoto, Gigawa, kebbi and others.

“We have advised that Tinubu should strengthen the relationship between Nigeria and Niger. But if he fails to take our advice and the ECOWAS leadership decides war is an option, definitely, it is going to be catastrophic. We already have refugees in Niger. Nigeria will suffer seriously because we will employ military contractors, who will feed on us. It is not going to be easy. Remember how Russia thought it would overrun Ukraine in just a few days, but the war is still raging? You dont go to war and think you know the end. We have a long border with the Niger Republic, and it will not be easy. We have Boko Haram and other terrorist issues there. If we have refugees in the Niger Republic. If there is war, the Military in Niger is in control and they have all the military assets at their disposal. The leadership will open the armoury and non-state actors will take advantage of the situation. The rich will employ military contractors. If you are fighting one country, you are indirectly fighting other countries. Again, I am from a military background, and we have a treaty that the Niger Republic can chase a criminal into Nigeria without obtaining any permission. Niger has very well cooperated with Nigeria in the war against Boko-Haram and if we declare war against Niger, it is going to sever our relationship with Niger. Moreso, the war will destabilise some northern states.

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“For now, there is no aggression, for now, the air border is closed and no flight zone. Boarders are closed, but it doesn’t mean that the issues can’t be resolved. There is no difference between air flight close or no flight zone is just semantics. If you get permission, you can’t still fly to the Niger. I know the closures will affect flights going anywhere. People, especially those travelling to Europe will suffer more and pay more. Some insurance companies will not even agree.

“War will be counterproductive because it will be ECOWAS countries versus ECOWAS countries. Remember that there was a coup in Burkina Faso, Mali, Senegal and others, why did ECOWAS not mobilize soldiers against the countries, and why are they mobilising against Niger? Second, illegal arms will infiltrate Nigeria from our borders. If the military sees that they are going to overrun the country, it can open the armoury and It will be a free-for-all and this will not be easy. The most dangerous one is that there will be internal, military Sabotage. We have a lot of insecurity. There is banditry. Some I tell you, that most villagers in our border that border Nigeria, don’t even sleep in Nigeria. As we all know, the no-state actors operate at night. They will sabotage Nigeria because they will think why should they bring the war to their doorsteps? I think that Nigeria has not billions of Dollars to waste on war. We have an avalanche of problems”.

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“We can prosecute the war, but we advise that before we prosecute the war, other countries should provide funds and troops. It is going to be expensive, but we have lots of problems at hand. For now, we have lots of challenges. Military contractors will take over. But in my own opinion, Nigeria should not go to war, because it is going to be too expensive for Nigeria. War should be discouraged.”


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