“Burna was right, most Afrobeats artists have no substance” Singer Buju 

Afrobeats Singer Buju has drummed up his support for his afrobeat colleague and self proclaimed African giant, Burna boy after Burna boy’s admission that Afrobeats Artist had no substance.

In a live video he went on this afternoon, the for days crooner revealed that him and Burna boy were the few afrobeat artist who still had substance.

“You see why I love burna? It’s because his everything is so diffeeent. You see when I listen to Burna ad I listen to somebody else, you can just tell that’s he’s doing his own thing.”

“Same thing when you listen to me. What we are doing here, you can’t get it anywhere else. Yeah I said it! It’s only a few of us that are real and are doing this with proper substance.”

He also revealed that whike watching Burna boy’s most recent interview where he spoke on afrobeats artist not having substance in their music, he had immediately agreed with him and had been shocked at everyone’s interpretation of what he said.

Afrobeats lacks substance and real-life experiences

2 days ago, Kemi Filani news reported that Burna boy had expressed his displeasure during an interview at the lack of substance in Afrobeat music.

He explained that most artists are more focused on having a good time and talking about their great life in their songs rather than focusing on real life situations.

“Not even experience, because half of them like 90% of them have no real-life experience that they can understand. That’s why you hear most Nigerian music, African Music or Afrobeats as you people call it, is mostly about nothing, absolutely nothing. There is no substance to it, like nobody is talking about anything, it’s just a great time. But at the end of the day, life isn’t an amazing time”.

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