CITN urges new practitioners to embrace values, professionalism

President, Chartered Institute of Taxation of Nigeria, Samuel Agbeluyi, has urged the newly licensed practitioners to uphold the core values of the institute.

He urged them to imbibe service, teamwork, excellence, and professionalism as they commenced their careers.

He spoke during an event in Lagos, where practicing licence certificates were presented to a new cohort of qualified and deserving tax practitioners.

Agbeluyi, reiterated the institute’s commitment to ensuring that only qualified and certified professionals practice taxation in Nigeria.

He emphasised the rigorous requirements each practitioner has met to obtain the coveted practicing license.

Agbeluyi said, “The core values of the CITN include service, teamwork, excellence, and professionalism. These values form the foundation of the institute’s ethos, and are essential for guiding tax professionals throughout their careers. The core values of the institute are vital principles that should guide your professional journey.”

He urged the practitioners to adhere to the institute’s charter, professional rules, and practice guidelines, as well as the statement of taxation standards.

To maintain the highest standards of the profession, Agbeluyi issued a stern warning against any form of misconduct.

He assured the practitioners that the institute’s investigating panel and disciplinary tribunal were fully equipped to address any reported cases of malpractice, ensuring strict adherence to ethical standards.

In the ever-evolving landscape of taxation, Agbeluyi, stressed the importance of staying up-to-date with global best practices, especially in light of technological advancements.

He mentioned the institute’s commitment to providing capacity development programs, including conferences, workshops, and seminars, to keep members informed about emerging trends and practices in taxation.

During the ceremony, the president spoke on the institute’s efforts to enhance the value of its certification.

He noted that customised stamps had been introduced to assist tax practitioners in filing tax returns and corresponding documents, ensuring professionalism and compliance.

Agbeluyi congratulated the newly licensed tax practitioners and expressed his best wishes for their successful careers.

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