Court dissolves Islamic marriage over irresponsible behaviour

The Area Court at Centre-Igboro, Ilorin, has dissolved the Islamic marriage between Hafsat Bashir and Bashir Abdullahi after four children, citing irresponsibility as the primary reason.

The presiding judge, Abdulqadir Umar, dissolved the marriage on the insistence of Ms Hafsat and after a failed settlement.

The court also granted the complainant custody of three children and advised the respondent to perform his fatherly role on the children.

Earlier, Ms Hafsat told the court that she wanted a divorce due to suffering and deprivation.

However, she applied for the custody of the children and financial support for their education and maintenance allowance from the respondent.

Before the judgment, the respondent told the court that he did not want a divorce and could only release the third and fourth children.

Mr Bashir said he would hold on to the firstborn in secondary school because he would not want the child’s education to be hindered in any way.

He also said they both (father and mother) agreed that the secondborn should remain with his relative, as he had been there for a long time before their misunderstanding.


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