Demolition: Protesters back Wike, warn Tinubu’s ministers to deliver or resign

Scores of pro-democracy demonstrators on Wednesday threw their weight behind the Minister of the Federal Capital Territory, Nyesom Wike, over his threat of demolition of illegal structures in the FCT, saying the former governor of Rivers State was merely assuring Nigerians he would follow due process.

The minister had stirred the hornet’s nest when he vowed to demolish houses illegally constructed in the nation’s capital during a press briefing at his new office in Abuja on Monday.

The threat has sent shivers down the spine of many residents in the FCT, with many alleging that the former Rivers governor might toe the path of ex-FCT Minister, Nasir El-Rufai, who developed a reputation for demolition in his bid to sanitise Abuja.

But a group of protesters under the aegis of The Natives backed Wike, saying the panic over the minister’s alleged threat of demolition should not unsettle residents of the FCT.

Addressing journalists in Abuja on Wednesday, Coordinator of The Natives, Edward Smart disclosed that Wike only stated the obvious.

“We are reassuring Nigerians not to be afraid. The country has to become greater and all of us will have to make sacrifice. Wike is not threatening.

“Wike was only demanding and asserting to do the right thing,” he said.

In a similar vein, Edward charged the newly inaugurated ministers to work hard to deliver on the ‘Renewed Hope’ agenda of the President.

The demonstrators also urged the president to keep the appointees on their toes and force those who fail to live up to expectations to resign from office.

“Hon. Ministers, come alive, wake up and rise up. You are 45 of the best amongst us, do not be a disgrace to us. Collectively and individually, we won’t tolerate failure. The entire country expects much from you and may your reign be prosperous

“Ministers, we call on you to be on your toes and fold your sleeves. The task is enormous. You all have the pedigree to surmount them. You have Singapore, Rwanda, China before you as examples. This is a different journey. The president wants delivery and Nigerians want results. Remove all debris, clogs in the wheels, uproot all blockades, imbalances and impediments in your pathways.

“Our youths must find jobs. The country must be safe. Asiwaju our President has empowered you to create a paradigm shift. By this, you are commanded to think out of the box and equip yourself wit the best team. Produce leagcies via knowledge and research, recreate and redesign your MDAs for greater output. Be deliberate. If you can’t, resign,” he urged.

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