Fans want me to remain single — Mo Bewa

A budding actress, Omobewaji Oyediji, aka Mo Bewa, has said that many of her fans don’t want her to get married.

Mo Bewa, who shared some wedding-themed pictures some months ago stated that she was shocked many of her fans did not want her to get married. She told Saturday Beats, “I was shocked at the reactions, because I had done a shoot like that years before. I was also surprised that a lot of my fans do not want me to get married. Apparently, they want me in the ‘singles market’, because they think they stand a chance. Hopefully, someone would soon snatch me from the market. That’s in the works though.”

She also stated that actresses often found it hard falling in love because of certain stereotypes about them. She said, “A lot of men are scared to date actresses, because there is a certain stereotypical image out there about actresses. But, people forget that whatever obtains in Nollywood is also applicable to other industries. Some people think that actresses don’t want to stay married, and that they are promiscuous. But, I don’t think that narrative is entirely true. People should not be judged based on their profession. Rather, they should be assessed based on their personality. If I am doing anything, it is not because I am in a particular profession. It simply means it’s something my personality finds comfortable doing.”

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