FG will no longer use propaganda on Nigerians, Minister Idris promises

The minster of information and national orientation, Mohammed Idris, says the federal government will no longer use propaganda in messaging its policies and programmes. The minister called for the collaboration of the Nigerian Institute of Public Relations (NIPR) in restoring the Nigerians’ trust in the government.

Mr Idris made the call at the 2023 annual general meeting of NIPR on Thursday in Abuja.

The information minister urged NIPR members to use the conference to recommit themselves not only to their clients and organisations, but also to the nation.

“You are aware that the focus of government now is how to restore the confidence of the governed in governments and its institutions,” Mr Idris told NIPR.

“This time around the process of restoring popular confidence and trust in government and its policy shall not lie in the domains of propaganda. Through tangible and credible policies of government, government aim to directly impact on the lives of our people,” the minister explained.

“In other words, the era of relying on propaganda to propagate government programmes is now over,’’ he said.

Mr Idris also challenged NIPR to make the profession more relevant and more focused to achieve national expectations and concentrating on the key issues.

“As we come together, we are not only celebrating our sheer dedication to the field of public relations, but also embarking on a journey of reflections of inspiration and of collaboration,” Mr Idris highlighted, pointing out that “in this age of information saturation where every click adds to the noise, the role of public relations has never been more vital.”

Mr Idris added, “We are the storytellers, the bridge builders and the custodians of reputation. Our work shapes perceptions, guides decisions, fosters relationship and extends far beyond the boardroom.”

Mr Idris stated that “beyond the corporate boardrooms and campaign strategies, let us also remember our broader societal role, our craft can be a force for positive change, amplifying voices that otherwise go unheard, driving awareness on social issues and catalysing meaningful dialogues.”

NIPR president Mukhtar Sirajo called on the federal government to put in place necessary measures to palliate adverse effects of the petrol subsidy removal.

Mr Sirajo said the removal of the subsidy might be done with good intention but citizens and corporate organisations are struggling to cope with its negative impacts.

“It is therefore our hope that all necessary measures to ameliorate the negative repercussions of the policy be put in place so that people can heave a sigh of relief,’’ said Mr Sirajo.


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